How to Charge Your Phone With a 9 Volt Battery

 How to Charge Your Phone With a 9 Volt Battery

Note: This should not be used as a regular charging device. This is for emergency situations only.

So I was watching a video today by the King of Random on YouTube about survival hacks and one of those, was showing that you could charge your phone in an emergency with a 9 volt battery. I decided that I needed to take a deeper look in to this and it actually does work. A 9 volt battery isn’t going to give you too much juice but it will allow you to make a call or a few texts in an emergency situation. This hack can come in especially useful during a power outage.

Start by gathering together the following items:

  • Car phone charger
  • Spring from a pen
  • 9 volt battery
  • Phone charger cable

Step 1 – Grab your car charger and if you look at the bit that goes in to the cars cigarette lighter, you will notice a little metal nub on the side. Take your spring and tape one end of it to this metal nub on the car charger.

Step 2 – Grab your 9 volt battery and line it up, with the big (negative) battery terminal on the spring, and the positive (smaller) terminal touching the button in the center of the car charger.

Step 3 – Plug your charger cable in to the car phone charger and hold the battery in place to charge your phone. Tape it down or find another way of keeping it connected so that you don’t have to keep hold of it while it charges.

It would depend on what phone you have that will be the deciding factor as to how much charge and how quickly your phone will charge from a 9 volt battery.

This is just yet another reason as to why it is a good idea to keep a stash of batteries at home.

To see the original video by King of Random, you can do so below. You will notice that he uses a key instead of a spring but I found a spring to be much easier to work with. This hack is the last in the video.


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