How to Earn Some Quick Money for Your Prepping

 How to Earn Some Quick Money for Your Prepping

This guide will be regularly updated with fresh ideas so be sure to bookmark it and check back often for the latest. 

Prepping costs money and most people don’t just happen to have plenty of cash laying around.

Now, you can prep on a budget no problem but it will take a long time and nobody knows what will happen tomorrow or when those supplies will be needed.

If you want to speed this process up you are going to have to start looking for extra ways of making some money.

That’s where this guide comes in!

We are going to take a look at some ways that you can generate extra money for your prepping and as always, if you have any extra tips, please put them in the comments below so I can get them added to the list.

Although this guide has been primarily written for our UK readers, I believe most of the tips will also work for those in the US. 

1. Switch Your Bank Account

Banking is fierce, and as such, many are willing to bribe you to switch your bank account over to them. In most cases you can get anywhere from £100+.

At the time of writing this Barclays has announced it will be offering thousands of new customers up to £360 just for switching their main account.

Become a serial bank account swapper and you can make some serious money but will only work once per bank.

2. Sell What You Don’t Need

People are always on the lookout for bargains and if you have what they want, they will buy it from you. I find eBay to be the better option here but there are many ways sites that you can use.

Facebook Marketplace is good if you need a quick sale but start higher than you need as you will most probably get knocked down on the price.

Search your house and find what you no longer need and get them listed. If it doesn’t sell, try another outlet.

3. Cash for old Cds, Games, and Phones

There are many sites available to us that will buy our old Cds, games, and other electronics. If you don’t want to be sending your items in the post take them to a store that buys that from you such as Cash Generators or CeX.

4. Sell Your Lego

Music Magpie are good for idea 3 above but they will also buy your old lego from you. It must be authentic and in good condition but at the time of writing this, they are offering £2 per 0.5kg.

5. Sell Your Rubbish

Who’d want to buy your rubbish right? But believe it or not there are people willing to buy the stuff that you would usually throw away. From loo roll tubes to jam jars and empty perfume bottles, they are in hot demand by crafters.

EBay and Gumtree are top sites for selling this kind of stuff and it is better to sell when you have plenty of the items to make it worthwhile. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. A quick search for sold items on eBay brought the following item up.

Sell your junk

That’s 35 empty loo roll tubes that were SOLD for £4.99

6. Sell Your Story

Journalists want dramatic stories and they are willing to pay for them. If you’ve been in an extreme situation, come close to death or have any other gripping or extraordinary tales to tell about your life, why not get paid and have it published?

7. Sell Clothes by the Kilo

Many companies are willing to buy a wide range of clothing, including coats and sometimes shoes and bedding too. They do have to be in good condition but on average you’ll expect to see around 50p per kilo of accepted clothing.

Clothing that is in really good condition I would recommend selling on sites like eBay as you will get more for them.

8. Rent Your Stuff

Nowadays, you can rent out just about anything for cash, especially if you live in a busy area. Ensure you get the most out of your property – even your parking space can be profitable.

You can rent out rooms in your home, storage space, driveways, electronics, and so much more.

9. Reclaim Money if Your Train is Delayed

Delays are all too common on our railways but did you know that it’s possible to claim for a delay if you know your rights?

Plus if you now use your contactless card instead, or if you’ve an old Oyster, you can claim back old credit.

10. Reclaim for Flight Delays

If you’re delayed by more than three hours or your flight’s cancelled, you are often entitled to between £110 and £530 in compensation. See here for a full guide.

11. Get Paid for Your Opinion

Survey sites, focus groups, and mystery shopping sites are all willing to pay you for your opinion. Even better, you can get paid just for watching TV.

12. Enter Contests

From cars to £20,000 cash, five-star USA holidays to £10,000 Tesco gift cards or even two years’ rent paid, you can earn big money from simply entering competitions.

13. Freelance

If you’ve got skills in a specific area, you may be able to do a little freelancing on the side. PeoplePerHour allows companies to list projects they want completed. Freelancers ‘bid’ on projects, saying why they’ll be the most suitable candidate and entering their price for the work. It’s free to join and bid on work, but a fee is taken out of your pay for each job.

14. Solve Company Problems

Several companies put problems online and offer cash to people who can come up with effective solutions. If you have a business head on your shoulders, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

At InnoCentive, companies post dozens of challenges offering big money for the best solutions, though they’re often quite technical. A typical example’s £5,000 for low-cost labelling solutions for reusable glass containers.

Also worth a look is Idea Connection. Register and it sends you email invites to help solve firms’ problems for cash.

15. Ask for a Pay Rise

If you are good at your job, your boss isn’t going to want to see you walking out of the door and going to work elsewhere. People are often scared, yet why not simply ask? After all, the worst that can happen is they say ‘no’.

16. Babysit

Watching somebody else’s TV and eating their food while the kids lie fast asleep upstairs doesn’t sound so hard – and it often isn’t. But you must be prepared to deal with the odd stroppy or ill child.

You’ll need a proven track record with children, so work for friends, family and neighbours first.

17. Become an Extra

Don’t expect the glamour that the big movie stars get, but it can be fun seeing yourself in the background of shows.

There are several legit online extras agencies which don’t charge you for signing up, although they’ll generally take an ‘administration fee’ out of your pay. If you’re serious, you’ll need to sign up to a few agencies to be in with a chance. You may have to pay your own travel expenses.

18. Be a Guinea Pig

This isn’t personally my thing but if you’re fit, healthy and prepared to accept the risk of tests, you could earn up to £150 a day by taking part in medical trials. Several big companies advertise for volunteers.

Well, that’s it for this guide but I would love to hear your own tips for earning some extra cash so let’s hear them in the comments below so I can get them added.

Information on Tax

I am not sure how this works over in the US but here, don’t forget the taxman will want his share of your extra money. Any sources of extra income need to be declared. So make sure you’re upfront with HM Revenue & Customs or you may have to pay a fine.

The first £11,850 of any income is tax-free in the 2018/19 financial year.

The Government’s recently introduced a new tax break which means since 6 April 2017, the first £1,000 you earn each year ‘trading’ is tax-free.

Basically this means you no longer have to report the first £1,000 you make from selling goods and casual services.

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