How to Flush a Toilet Manually

Your water may be off due to repairs, or if there is maintenance working going on and water has had to be turned off for a while, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

The great thing is, although obviously you need water, you don’t actually need the water from the mains to flush your toilet.

As toilets work off gravity, they don’t use pressure or running water to work. When you flush the toilet, the water tank empties into the toilet bowl which pushes everything down the drain. Gravity!

Before looking at how to flush a toilet manually, note that because the tank refills itself after you flush, you should have one flush left in your toilet once the water has been turned off.

If you are aware beforehand that you’re you will not have running water, we recommend you fill your tub with water so that you will have plenty of water to flush with.

How to Flush a Toilet Manually

Method 1 – Filling the Tank

You will need water so you will either need to buy jugs of water or if you hap prior warning, have hopefully filled some buckets.

You need to use your water to fill the tank at the back of the toilet after each flush.

Try to look in the back before you use your last flush to get an idea of how far you should fill up the toilet. The rod that holds the balloon in place should be almost level.

Method 2 – Bucket

  • Fill a bucket with water.
  • Lift the toilet seat and lid.
  • Dump the water into the bowl with one pour. Pouring slowly will only fill the bowl, so pour with as much force as possible to create a strong flush.
  • Repeat until the bowl is clean of any residue.

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