How to Jump From a Speeding Car

 How to Jump From a Speeding Car

My imagination tends to run wild at times and one of those times are when I am in a car. “What if something went wrong and I had to jump from the car?“, maybe I would be about to go off a cliff or somebody hijacked the car. I know I probably watch too many movies and the chances are slim but hey, it can happen but what should I do?

While the chances may be slim, it happens and it’s always better to be prepared just in case. Right?

Now, jumping from a speeding car should only really be done when you have no other options. There is a good chance that it’s going to hurt like hell.

Slow the Vehicle

If at all possible you need to try and slow the vehicle as much as you can before attempting to jump. Don’t use the handbrake as this can lead to the car skidding which will put you in much greater danger once you jump out.

If you are in a scenario like I mentioned above and your car has been hijacked or similar, try to distract the driver to slow his speed, and make your move when he least expects it.

Protect Yourself

As I already mentioned, jumping from a Speeding car is going to hurt. Improvise with anything you have, even discarded newspapers to make some elbow, hip and knee protectors.

Stuffing some magazines down your trousers might feel odd but it’s going to help when you hit the unforgiving tarmac. If you have a rucksack you can use it to try and cushion the fall.

Get the Timing Right

Timing is everything. You don’t want to jump from the car into the path of another car or smack straight into a tree. Try to look for any traffic or obstacles that you need to avoid.

Assess how fast you’re going – you’ll instinctively know if the speed is suitable or not. If you are in normal clothing, you can’t really be going any faster than 30 or 35mph.

It’s also important to escape when the driver is taking a bend. Let’s say you’re on the left-hand side of the car – if you make your exit when he’s taking a right hand turn, the inertia will take you clear of the car and help you roll away.

Keep Your Chin Tucked

When you exit the car, you want to do so in as low and straight a position as possible, with the impact dispersed across the whole of your body. Get on all fours in the foot well facing the door.

If you try to land on your hands or feet, you are going to break bones. The pointy parts of your body hurt – elbows, knees, hips, ankles. Instead, put your fists under your chin, and bring your elbows together. Keep your chin tucked in to your chest to protect your head.

The best point of impact is the back of the shoulder and your back. If you dive out directly onto your shoulder you’ll break it.

Land on your feet and you will break your legs, try to put your hands out and you will break your wrists.

Make the Jump

Let’s say that we are on the left side of the vehicle. Open the door up completely and, as you leave, push out just enough to clear the car. You need to exit the vehicle with your back facing the direction that you’re travelling.

Jump out with your right shoulder (remember, we’re on the left-hand side of the car) closest to the ground, and roll over your left shoulder. Once you hit the ground, the longer the time you can spend rolling over the biggest possible area of your body, the better: the key thing is to disperse the energy over time and surface area.

Once you’re spinning and rolling, there’ll be a lot of centrifugal force so keep your body tense, prevent your limbs from flailing about, and go with the roll.

Once safe, stand up, cue the music and head off like a champ!

In all seriousness, you will probably have some injuries that you need to get looked at.

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