How to Make a Manual Pocket Chainsaw

 How to Make a Manual Pocket Chainsaw

A chainsaw isn’t realistically something that you’d think of for your survival kit due mainly to its size and weight but it sure would come in useful, right?

Well you can easily make your own pocket-sized chainsaw in 30 minutes that won’t add too much extra weight to the survival kit. They are so simple to build and yet also incredibly effective.

So the pocket chainsaw is simply the chain from a chainsaw with handles added on to it. If you don’t want to go through the process of making a pocket chainsaw yourself then there are quite a few options available online if you just wanted to buy one.

I do however, think that you should at least give this a go because it really is easy and can save you some pennies.

Materials for a Pocket Chainsaw

You shouldn’t have any problems finding any of the following materials but if you do, please let me know where abouts you are and I will try to help locate you somewhere that stocks them. Go ahead and gather together the following:

  • Chain from a chainsaw
  • 550 paracord
  • Dowel rod (will be used for the handles)
  • Hacksaw or bandsaw for cutting the chain

You can’t get the chain around a tree as it is so we are going to have to cut through the teeth to turn the chain into one long piece. This is not going to be easy without good tools. I would much rather cut it with a  bandsaw than a hacksaw.

How to Make a Manual Pocket Chainsaw

I am guessing you have your cutting tool of choice ready so go ahead and carefully cut your chain to make a single piece with a hole on each end that can be used for securing the handles.

We don’t want to be grabbing the ends of the chainsaw chain and pulling to cut a tree, it would be messy. Instead, we are going to create a couple of handles from the dowel rod. Cut two pieces of dowel rod that are about 2-2½ inches long. Grab a drill and drill a hole into the center of each handle which will be used for attaching the handles to the chain using the paracord.

If you have some strong wire rather than paracord you could choose to use that instead but if you are into survival, I am guessing you already have some paracord stashed away somewhere.

Instead of using a knot and knotting the paracord to the chain try using key chain rings instead. Link the ring onto the end of the chain and tie the paracord to the ring.

Thread the paracord through the handles and placing a knot at each end to stop the paracord from falling back through the hole.

Put Your Pocket Chainsaw to the Test

There is only one thing left to do and it is the funnest part of all, we get to go outside and try out our new pocket chainsaw. This is actually something you have to take very seriously because if something is going to go wrong it’s going to go wrong now. If you cut through a branch of a tree then you can call it a success.

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