How to Make a Simple Trip Wire Alarm

 How to Make a Simple Trip Wire Alarm

A simple search on the internet can pull up thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of cool DIY projects that you can make at home with minimal supplies. In a lot of cases, everything you need you probably already have around the home.

Today we want to share a video for a simple but effective trip wire alarm that you could use on your next camping trip or maybe even if you just want warning as someone approaches your home or bug out location.

All you need to create this trip wire alarm is an AA battery, some metal push pins, some wires and a string. The video below will take you into more detail of how to set everything up.

This trip-wire alarm works by completing a circuit when the string is pulled away. In the video you can see that as the circuit is completed it sets fire to a flammable substance. You don’t need to do that but could just just wire up an LED, or maybe even hook up a buzzer circuit. If you really want to scare that intruder away, you could wire it up to a bunch of firecrackers and they will go running. Here’s the video:

I would suggest looking through their other videos too as they have a lot of simple projects that could be of use to your preparedness plans.

Have you made this trip wire? Have you used it? Did you change anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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