How to Safely Jump Down From a Rooftop

 How to Safely Jump Down From a Rooftop

Last time we took a look into how my mind wanders when I’m bored, we looked at how to jump from a speeding car. This time we are going to look at how to safely jump down from a rooftop. This kind of thought will usually enter my mind when I am sat waiting for somebody and I start scanning the rooftops imagining that i’m some kind of parkour expert trying to get away from a gang of gun wielding thugs or something similar.

Now hopefully you will never need to escape a gang of gun wielding thugs but in an emergency situation, there may be times in which you safely need to get down from a rooftop and go on to talk about it. You can’t just jump and hope for the best, it is a skill and like all skills it also takes practice.

How High?

In an emergency situation, it isn’t always going to be possible to have a good look at the height that you are going to be jumping from but if possible, it’s always a good idea. Doing so will help you to gauge your landing.

Check the Landing

The material that you’re going to be landing on is crucial. If you have a choice of the material that you are going to land on, obviously make the softer and safer choice. If you have a choice between landing on grass and landing an wood chips, go for the wood chips. Make sure that your landing is clear and that there is plenty of space between where you’re aiming to land and any obstacles.

Forward Momentum

You don’t want to try and jump up and out from the rooftop. Instead, you want to aim at getting as far away from the rooftop that you’re jumping from. The forward momentum will help you to minimize risk of injury in your legs due to impact.

Tuck and Straighten

When you jump, pull your legs in towards your chest to get your speed and momentum up. Make sure that you’re leaning slightly forward and spot your landing. When you see your landing, slow yourself down by extending your legs. This should happen around mid-jump. This will also put you in a position to absorb the landing.

Land on Forefeet, Knees Bent

When you hit the ground, you shouldn’t land on your heels but instead, you should land on the balls of your feet with your knees slightly bent. Don’t be too tense, but make sure not to be too relaxed either — aim for a middle ground between the two.

Absorb, Tuck, Roll

Collapse your legs and transition into a roll. Aim to roll somewhat to the side, tucking either your right or left shoulder. Roll over your shoulder, tuck your head, and continue to roll along your back and onto your buttcheek. Pop up and continue running.

Start Small

If you want to jump off of something high, jump off of something small first. Practice makes perfect. In an emergency situation, it’s key to try to minimize the height of what you’re jumping off of as much as possible. This can mean climbing down onto a ledge, or making sure not to jump for height, but always jumping for distance.

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