How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations According to a Bomb Disposal Expert

For almost half a decade of his life, Andy Torbet was a bomb disposal expert. But despite dealing with deadly weapons on a daily basis, he says he never felt stressed.

Staying calm in bomb disposal was never really a problem,” Torbert, who is 40-years-old and based in the Forest of Dean, tells The Independent. “All the guys who have done it and I have spoken to about this say the same thing.

After working in the British armed forces for a decade, with four years in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, or bomb disposal unit, Torbet currently works as a presenter and writer, as well as an underwater explorer, deep and cave diver, skydiver, wingsuit pilot, climber and outdoorsman.

As a bomb disposal expert, he worked with the Royal Marines, Paratroopers and Special Forces.

Torbet says the intense training is what helped him to remain calm in life-threatening situations. He still uses the tactics he learned to remain calm on the frontline in day-to-day situations.

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