How to Stop Your Phone From Tracking You

 How to Stop Your Phone From Tracking You

I love my smartphone. I can keep so much information on it and carry it in my pocket without the need for physical books, address books, photo albums etc. The feature that I really don’t like however is location tracking.

This feature obviously has its benefits and some apps use it to make things more convenient for the user. Google Maps for example use it to better deliver you information and services.

But I hate it and for those that feel the same way, read on to find out how you can stop your smartphone from tracking you.

Remember, turning off location services means losing some of your smartphone’s capabilities. But if like me you are concerned about your privacy, then it might just be worth it. And should you ever really need it, you can just re-enable it again.

Android devices have slightly different settings menus depending upon your device, so look for (or search for) “Google location history,” which is usually under a privacy or location sub-menu.

To stop. Google tracking you, go into your phone’s settings, scroll down and then select ‘Location’.

From here, scroll down and select ‘Google Location History’.

Choose your account and use the slider to turn the location history off on the next page.

Click ‘OK’ when asked if you want to pause the location history.

From here, go to ‘Manage Activity’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Delete All Location History’.

Click OK to confirm that you want to delete your location history.

The video below will show you how to do the same on an iPhone.


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