How to Use Banana Peels to Filter Water

 How to Use Banana Peels to Filter Water

Bananas are actually my favorite fruit but we usually just throw the peels onto the compost pile. We’ll, it seems they have another use too. According to science, banana peels can be used to remove heavy metal contamination from river water.

These metals get introduced into our waterways from sources such as agricultural runoff and industrial wastes. Once they are in the water they contaminate soil as well as pose health risks to humans and animals. Lead has been shown to affect the brain and nervous system.

Bananas are not only a safe way of removing these heavy metals but are also a rather inexpensive method. At a study carried out in Brazil it was found that when water was pushed through water filters that were made from banana peels or dried and ground banana peels were combined in flasks of water with known concentrations of metals, the metal was removed from the water and remained bonded to the banana peels.

In previous studies it was shown that other plant parts such as apple and sugar cane wastes, coconut fibers, and peanut shells could all remove potential toxins from water.

It is important to understand that banana peels won’t remove pathogens like parasites, bacteria, or viruses.

How to Use Banana Peels to Filter Water

You should make sure that you dry the peels before using them to filter your water. You could then either chop the peels into small chunks or put them into a food processor and grind them down into a kind of dust.

Take the cut up peels or powder and put them into a coffee filter or even a cheesecloth. Pour the water to be filtered through them. The water that comes through the makeshift filter should be pretty much clean and heavy metal free.

  1. Dry your banana peels using your preferred method
  2. Dice the dried peels up finely into small chucks or put them through a food processor
  3. Place the peels into a cheesecloth or coffee filter
  4. Pour your water through

You could also add the peels or peel chunks directly into the water and allow it to sit for around 10 minutes, remove the peels, and drink.

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