How Your Phone Can Save Your Life

 How Your Phone Can Save Your Life

Your smartphone is not only good whilst it’s working but can also be a valuable survival tool when it’s not. Today we are going to look at both options and how that smartphone in your pocket, could possibly be your most valuable piece of survival gear.

If Your Phone Is Working

Other than simply calling the Emergency Services, your smartphone can offer more help than might otherwise be expected, ranging from simply understanding how they work, to the available apps. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Hey Siri (ios only)

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, Siri can come to your aid with a quick ability to dial the local emergency services. The great thing is that as long as you have a cellular connection, it works practically wherever you are in the world. Please only use this when needed as once you say the command, Siri will make the call. You shouldn’t just try it to test that it works, I assure you it does. Simply summon Siri or use Hey Siri with one of the following commands:

  • “Call emergency services”
  • “Dial 911”
  • “Dial 999”
  • “Phone 999” (9-9-9 is the UK emergency line, but it will dial the appropriate local emergency line)
  • “Phone 911” (9-1-1 is the USA emergency line, using this phrase outside of the USA will also dial the appropriate local emergency line)
  • “Phone 100” (1-0-0 is the emergency line in India, but it will dial the appropriate line elsewhere as well)
  • “Dial 100”
  • “Dial 110”
  • “Phone 110” (1-1-0 is the emergency line in China, but it will dial the appropriate line where ever you are)

Pocket First Aid and CPR

The app “Pocket First Aid and CPR is available for both android and ios users and is free for you to download. If you’re on your own in an emergency, this app can recommend self-treating techniques.

Put Your Medical Info in Your Phone

This is especially important for anybody with serious medical conditions that emergency services may need to know about. Jot them down in the notes app on the phone and leave them on the home screen so that they can easily be spotted.

Add ICE to Your Contacts List

ICE stands for “in case of emergency” and it can help to show emergency responders who they should call if you get in to an accident. Just add the letters ICE before the person’s name in your contacts list.

Monitor Your Health

Medical devices you use at home to measure health indicators such as your blood pressure, blood sugar or lung function (if you have asthma) can now send the data directly to your smartphone — and your doctor. There are also countless apps that let you track your medications, diet, exercise and sleep.


Night vision was developed originally for military use and was used for purposes such as navigation, surveillance, security and targeting. Now thanks to modern technology we have night vision apps in our app stores and at times pre-installed into our cameras.

Record Crime as it’s Happening

If you are ever worried that you may become a victim of a crime or are witnessing one from afar, you can use apps like Facebook live, mobile justice and periscope to quickly record any evidence you might require.

Survival Apps

It is always a good idea to have a survival app in your phone for the purpose of an emergency. Excellent survival apps include the “Army survival guide” a fourteen hundred page manual that will help you out in any situation.

Don’t Get Lost

You are never lost if you have your smartphone with you, with apps like google earth that can use your GPS. You can find a nearby road or a gas station or even a lake!


If you get caught out in the dark, you can use your smartphones built in flashlight to light the way. If you have an older model smartphone without a built-in flashlight, there are many apps that you can download.

If Your Phone is Broken

OK, so we have looked at some ideas as to how your phone can help save your life if it is fully functional, but now let’s see how it could be used if it’s broken.

Fire Starting

For this you are going to need 3 things. The battery and a little wire from inside the phone and some dry combustible materials from your surroundings.

  1. Place one end of the wire on to the positive nodes of the battery and the other end on to the negative. The wire will get hot almost instantly.
  2. Touch your combustible materials to the wire to ignite it. You have to be quick as the wire will disintegrate fast.


You can use the LCD screen of the phone to signal for help. This has mirror-like layers behind it which we can use to our advantage.

  1. Hold the mirror in one hand just below the eyes and hold out two fingers in front of you with the other hand like a peace sign.
  2. Move the mirror until you can see that it is reflecting light on to your fingers and then align your hand until the rescue vehicle is between your fingers.

Cutting Tools

You are going to need the circuit board from the phone along with a smooth rock from your surroundings. The circuit board can be made sharp by rubbing one side on the smooth rock.


Remove the speaker and a wire from your phone and find a leaf and a small body of water.

  1. Remove the magnet from the speaker.
  2. Rub one of the ends of the wire on to the magnet for a few seconds and then place it on the floating leaf.
  3. You will see the leaf and wire aligning. The end that you rubbed will point north.

Have anything else that you think should make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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