I’m the New Editor Ellie

 I’m the New Editor Ellie

Hi, guys I just wanted to introduce myself as I will be stepping in as editor while our chief editor takes a step back in order to deal with the current situation with the potential takedown of the site.

One of the issues that have been brought to light is that here at UK Survival Guides, there are multiple articles around the topic of weapons and this is being used against Craig. I will be going through these articles and removing them in the hope of keeping this site open. This is just one of the list of changes that you may see before this situation is dealt with and I hope Craig will be back with us soon.

Anyway, my name is Ellie and while I do have knowledge of survival techniques, my own expertise is more around safety and hiking so I will hopefully get some new content for you covering those areas. It might take me a while to find my way around here properly but please bear with me.

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