Introducing the Bioscarf With Built in Filter

 Introducing the Bioscarf With Built in Filter

The amazing Bioscarf can help keep you protected against pollution, allergens and infection.

Filtration masks are great but they don’t look very stylish and if you have children then you will probably know how much they refuse to wear one.

The American entrepreneur Carlton Solle fell ill whilst on a business trip in Hebei and later was to find that it was caused by the high levels of air pollution. After discussing it with his wife when they returned home they created Bioscarf which in their words is:

the first scarf with protection built right in.

How Does the Bioscarf Work?

The Bioscarf is like a traditional scarf as far as how you wear it. As far as protection, it works very similar to how a mask works, except the Bioscarf has the possibility of multiple layers protecting you and the ability to adjust and tighten as needed.

Is the Bioscarf Effective?

It protects you from many of the common airborne contaminants associated with air pollution. The material has an N95 rating which was done in China, which means when fitted correctly, it is capable of blocking 95% of all non-oil based airborne particulates 0.3 microns in size or larger. So it covers PM2.5, which has been a popular question. The material rating is just for one layer and in most cases when wearing the Bioscarf around your face you have two to three layers depending on your body size and on how you fit it.

Can it be Worn by Children?

Absolutely it’s for kids, and although our donation efforts have been focused here in the US to start they will quickly turn to China and India where we are hoping to partner with groups to help us distribute scarfs to children in need.

You will notice that he mentions his donation efforts in the quote above. What they do is they donate a scarf to someone in need for every single scarf that they sell.

We are planning another photo shoot featuring kids and adults using the scarf to protect themselves from air pollution in their daily lives, and we are also working on a new section of the website that goes into greater detail on all the product’s technical specifications, that will include an animated short on the material and how it works and a video tutorial on how to wear the scarf.

When Nelson Labs tested the Bioscarf, they found that it outperformed most other filter masks on the market with a 99.75% filtration rate. This means that you are always going to be protected when heading out.

Bioscarf is the first scarf that comes complete with air pollution, allergies, and cold and flu protection built right in! It has also been made from sustainable materials. Post-consumer recycled PET water bottles are used for the fabric with labels being made from recycled PVC.

These have actually been around for a couple of years now but have only just had the chance to try one on. They are cool and they are comfortable. They are top quality and built to last.

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