Is it Safe to Use Hotel Safes?

Following on from our earlier guide “13 tips for staying safe in a hotel“, we were asked the question “Is it safe to use hotel safes?

First off, storing your valuables in the in-room hotel safe is a much better choice than trying to hide your valuables somewhere in the room. However, it is not 100% secure.

If you use the safe and somehow forget the code or lose the key, how do you retrieve your items? You head to reception and they send someone up to open the safe, right? This means that you are never the only one with access to the valuables inside the safe.

If a staff member from the hotel was to take anything from the safe it is likely that you won’t be able to prove who took it and in most cases, insurance won’t cover items that are stolen from the in-room safe. It is all too easy for your valuables to go missing when keys and codes are in the wrong hands.

If you watch the video below, you will see just how easy certain safes are to break in to.

The person in the video can be seen doing the following:

  1. They set their own code
  2. Check the safe is locked
  3. Enter an incorrect code to check
  4. They press “lock” followed by 999999
  5. The safe door opens

The code 0000 or 000000 is also often used by safe companies as a codebreaker. These codebreakers are used as a safety mechanism in case the guest forgets their own code and the staff can open the door, but it also leaves the safe open to abuse from intruders.

Before leaving any valuables in the hotel room safe, check it first to see if it has the same codebreaker. If it does, don’t use it.

Another video that should be worth watching was posted by Jim Stickley in which he shows how to easily open a safe using simple tools and a paper clip-like object.

We recommend that people who travel should keep any important items or things of value with them, in the office safe, or leave them at home.


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