Is Lock Picking a Survival Skill?

 Is Lock Picking a Survival Skill?

The ability to pick locks is one of those skills that we believe all preppers should take the time to learn. It is no good thinking that you will just figure it out when the time comes. It will take practice, and lots of it.

For most people, when they think about lock picking they think about a criminal trying to gain entry somewhere.  This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. However, lock picking is rarely ever used as a tactic for burglary. Most criminals don’t “pick” their way into a building, they “break” their way in.

Here at UK Survival Guides we do not encourage any form of illegal activities but hope that the information here will help you to decide to pick up a new skill.

Successfully pick your first lock and everything you thought you knew about locks changes. Your perception of locks change, your perception of security changes. You see through the illusion and the promise of security and safety and you start to see how little protection that actually give.

We like to share information that we believe could help during a survival situation. If you have ever had to have a locksmith out, you will understand how ridiculous the prices usually are.

Lock Picking Legal Status

According to Wikipedia in countries such as such as Japan, it is illegal for anyone to be in possession of lock picking tools. They are perfectly legal in some countries as long as there is no intent to use them for criminal purposes.

countryLegal Status
United KingdomIn England and Wales, a person who carries anything at all with the intent to commit burglary or theft can potentially be prosecuted. The penalty for this can be up to 3 years imprisonment.
AustraliaLegal as long as a reasonable explanation can be demonstrated for carrying.
CanadaPossession of lock picking tools, with the exception of key duplication tools, is legal.
GermanyThere is no law or regulation on lock picking.
European UnionMost countries of the European Union don’t regulate the possession of lockpicks. All responsibility concerning criminal or legal acts using the picks is taken by the owner of the lockpicks.
HungaryUnusually for a European Union country, ownership of lock picks in Hungary is completely prohibited, even for professional locksmiths. Lock picks are classified as military equipment, and may only be legally obtained or used by Hungary’s armed forces.
JapanProhibits possession of any lock picking tools and carries a penalty of one year imprisonment or a 500,000 yen fine.
NetherlandsOwning lock picks is legal, but using them on someone else’s locks without permission is not.
New ZealandIn New Zealand lock picking tools are not illegal, but possession with the intent to use them for burglary carries a potential penalty of three years in prison.
PolandIn Poland according to Article 129/1 of the Criminal Code: both (1) possessing, producing or obtaining a lock pick by a person whose profession and occupation does not require it; and (2) delivering a lock pick to a person whose profession and occupation does not require it is punishable with arrest, freedom limitation or fine – and (3) a lock pick is forfeited even if it was not the property of the principal.
United StatesThe laws concerning possession of lock picks vary from state to state. Generally, possession and use of lock picks is considered equivalent to the possession of a crowbar or any other tool that may or may not be used in a burglary. Possession of lock picks with an intent for their unlawful use is generally prosecuted as a misdemeanor under the category of possession of burglary tools or similar statutes. In many states, simple possession of lock picks is completely legal, as the statutes only prohibit the possession of lock picks or the activity of lock picking when there is a malicious intent. Some states, such as California and New York, impose restrictions on businesses, such as prohibiting the operation of a locksmithing business without a license and imposing requirements to keep records about sales of lock picking devices.

Learning to Pick Locks

If you have made the decision that you want to start and learn how to pick locks, you are going to need a good set of picks and practice locks. I like the practice looks as they usually come with a clear casing that will allow you to actually see what you’re doing as you do it. You’ll also need a set of lock pick tools or an automatic lock picking gun.

How to Pick a Lock Videos

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