Keep Your Head Up, Phone Down, Ass Alive

 Keep Your Head Up, Phone Down, Ass Alive

Cell phones have made many parts of our lives a little easier. They are no longer just something that can be used for calls and texts but now as a camera, for listening to music, as a calculator, and of course the Internet. While this can all be good for the user, distracted walking is putting their lives in more danger than ever. Every year, there seems to be an increase in people getting injured while walking and using their phones.

Is there anything that can be done to stop the number of fatalities growing? If you don’t want to become another statistic, you need to be aware of your surroundings. You need to keep your head up instead of having it buried in your phone while walking.

I have a friend that is guilty of this and I have seen him have a few near misses from cars. His response? “Cars have brakes, they should use them.” The thing is, yes they do have brakes but if they are not expecting some clueless idiot to come out of nowhere and step into the road, anything can happen. It is wrong for pedestrians to assume that motorists will always hear and see them.

The simple solution is for pedestrians to stop using phones while walking, anytime – anywhere! Keep your head up, phone down, ass alive!

It isn’t just when we are walking outside that we need to be aware. We should be aware of our surroundings at all times as over half of the distracted walking injuries actually occur in our own homes.

If you have children, remind them of the following tips. If you are an adult, you should know better.

  1. Never walk while texting or talking on the phone
  2. If texting, move out of the way of others and stop on the sidewalk
  3. Never cross the street while using an electronic device
  4. Do not walk with headphones in your ears
  5. Be aware of your surroundings
  6. Always walk on the sidewalk if one is available; if you must walk on the street, face oncoming traffic
  7. Look left, right, then left again before crossing the street
  8. Cross only at crosswalks

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