Keeping Your Family Safe When Traveling

 Keeping Your Family Safe When Traveling

Wherever you lay your head at night, THAT is your home! It should also be the one place you can go back to and feel safe. You may think that hotel rooms are actually pretty safe but that isn’t quite true.

We write a lot of content here based on situational awareness and it’s because it matters. We live in an age where we need to always be aware of what is going on around us, this includes when we travel.

Sadly, the days of keeping our doors unlocked are way in the past. Why? Simply put it’s because people can no longer be trusted!

Why am I saying this? Because I believe that in order to be safe in your hotel room you must also be making safety precautions elsewhere to ensure your safety.

The tips below will help you to stay safe when traveling.

Room Selection

You need to try to find the happy medium when selecting a room. There is a higher chance of crime on lower floors but more chance of danger if a fire starts up on higher floors. Emergency rescue is best below the fifth floor. You can compromise by picking a modern fire-safe hotel.

When possible, try to choose a room that is located on an upper floor instead of the ground floor and a room that is not adjacent to any fire stairs as these are often used by criminals trying to make a quick exit.

After unlocking the room, quickly inspect the closets, under the bed, and bathroom including behind the shower curtain before the bellman leaves.

Door Security

You would expect hotels to have only the best security measures in place but it just isn’t the case. Remember the following tips:

  • Door should be solid-core or metal
  • They should be self-closing and self-locking
  • They should have a deadbolt lock installed
  • If the lock appears worn or there are pry marks around the lock area, get another room or move to another hotel
  • The door should have a wide-angle peephole so you can view who is at the door before opening

Entry Points

You need to think about how many entry points there are and where they are. This is both for your room and the hotel. If the room has a balcony then you need to make sure that it is secure and nobody can enter the room. Check out our ‘Product Recommendations‘ area as I believe we have discussed some great balcony door security devices before.

All windows and sliding doors can be considered an entry point to the room and needs to be made secure if they can easily be accessed from the ground. If your room has an adjoining door to an adjacent room, check it to see that it is secured with a deadbolt lock.

Elevator Safety

You need to understand that attacks can and do happen in elevators. Oftentimes, you will be ‘targeted’ by criminals down in the reception or lobby area of the hotel before being followed and in some cases, forcibly forced into the room.

Extra Safety Travel Tips

Parking lots – parking lots are a lot more common places for women to get attacked than they are men. If car valet is available, use it! Especially if you have children.

Do not disturb – a criminal is not going to try and enter your room if they think that you’re in. Use your do not disturb sign even when you’re out.

TV/Radio – you can trick people into thinking there are people in the room by leaving the TV or radio switched on so that it can just be heard from the outside.

Lights – if you’re going to be away for any period at night, consider leaving a light switched on in the room.

Explain safety – you need to make sure that everyone who is traveling with you understands the importance of security and what different security measures are in place.

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