Make Your Own Caltrops for Defense

 Make Your Own Caltrops for Defense


Caltrops are spiked weapons that consist of four spikes or points that can and have been used against both man and vehicles throughout history.

These can simply be thrown on the ground and there will always be one spike sticking up whilst resting on the other three.

Caltrops have been used as far back as Roman times in which they were used against advancing men and horses. The Romans called caltrops tribulus which means ‘jagged iron’.

It is important to understand that caltrops are NOT legal defense items however, in a serious SHTF situation where law enforcement is no more, they could be the only things that keep you and your family safe from harm.

Whatever you do, don’t scatter them and then forget their locations as these are not something you want to be treading on accidently and infection can quickly set in following a disaster.

Please check your local laws to check whether these are legal to own as laws will differ depending on where you are from.

Check out the video below for making your very own caltrops.

DIY caltrops

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