Make Your Own Five Gallon Emergency Kit

Make Your Own Five Gallon Emergency Kit

It is easy to go ahead and purchase a ready-made survival kit but to be fair, they are usually just not worth the money. Why not make your own five gallon emergency kit? You will know exactly what is going in there, you will/should know how to use the items and you save yourself money in the process.

By putting together your emergency kit yourself, you can also custom tailor what’s important to you, your family and your community.

One thing that you must remember to do is to put the date on your emergency kit so that you know at a glance when it was put together. While many of the items may last years, others such as medications won’t and will need to be rotated.

Design your five gallon emergency kit to what’s likely to happen in your specific area and to your family’s needs. Every item should be listed in detail on a printed contents document. On the back, list important phone numbers such as relatives, insurance companies, police, fire, etc. Remember, store water and non-perishable food for you and your pets separately.

To follow along and make your own five gallon emergency kit click the link below.

Make Your Own Five Gallon Emergency Kit


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