Mammut is Asking Customers to Check Their Generation 3.0 Avalanche Airbags

Mammut is asking anyone who has bought one of their avalanche generation 3.0 airbags (has neon orange deployment handles) to check that it is assembled correctly.

Only those that have the neon orange handles are affected and should be checked immediately.

The avalanche airbags in question were manufactured during the winter 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons. The potential fault could mean that the airbags do not function correctly if you become buried by an avalanche. It is the balloon inside that needs to be inspected to ensure that it is correctly attached to the inflation system.

Mammut have said on their website:

It is easy to identify whether the airbag is attached correctly. If the airbag balloon is not properly attached to the airbag inflation system, in some cases the airbag may lose volume too quickly after deployment. As a result, the airbag’s functionality may be impaired in the event of burial by an avalanche.

They continue:

If you identify that the airbag balloon is attached incorrectly, the affected airbag system should no longer be used and must be returned immediately to Mammut customer service to be replaced. In the event of any queries, Mammut customer service will be happy to help.

Thank you for reacting to this call for inspection – safety first! We apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

  1. If you do have a 3.0 system, carefully open the airbag compartment of the backpack using the hook and loop fastener. You don’t need to unfold the airbag balloon
  2. Carefully lift the folded airbag balloon onto its side so that the clamp ring between the balloon and the airbag inflation system is clearly visible
  3. Try moving the clamp ring with your thumb and index finger. It should stay securely in place. If it turns or moves when you apply pressure with your fingers, it needs sending back.
  4. If the clamp ring doesn’t move, simply stow the airbag balloon in the airbag compartment of the backpack and your airbag will be ready to use again.

Important: The balloon must not be twisted when attached to the outlet of the inflation system.

If you would like more detailed instructions with pictures for each step, check out the Mammut page here.


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