Man Vs. Wild: 15 Things Bear Grylls and Discovery Channel Want to Keep on the DL

 Man Vs. Wild: 15 Things Bear Grylls and Discovery Channel Want to Keep on the DL

Bear Grylls has made a name for himself as a survival expert and authoritative presenter thanks to his appearances in a series of television shows. The most famous of them is probably Man vs. Wild. In this series, Grylls attempts to demonstrate to the viewer exactly how they can survive in the wilderness by using materials from nature and special techniques. Although it has not been on air since 2012, it still remains a popular survival franchise.

However, the series has faced lots of criticism. Many believe that certain scenes may not be as authentic as they are portrayed or that the advice given could be inaccurate. As you can imagine, both Grylls and Discovery are keen for the general public not to know about the less than savory things done on the show.

15. They Misled Viewers into Thinking Bear Grylls was Stranded by Himself

Although the show never explicitly states that Bear Grylls is left alone on his adventures, it is portrayed that way in many ways. Yet, the survival instructor is never left alone. He always has a whole crew with him while filming. They help with everything from filming the series to providing expert advice.

14. The Crew Builds Things Then Dismantles Them for Grylls to Remake on Camera

According to people who have worked on the show, not everything that Bear Grylls does is genuine. Reports suggested that he did not build a raft himself on an episode of the show. Instead, members of the crew assembled it before taking it apart to give Grylls the chance to rebuild it himself on camera.

13. A Member of the Crew Wore a Bear Suit for a Scene

Bear Grylls often showed viewers how they could deal with potential animal encounters with wildlife in Man vs. Wild. One episode was meant to show how to deal with a grizzly bear. When the team couldn’t find a tame bear that they could work with they took an unusual step. Allegedly, someone wore a bear suit to appear on camera.

12. Cast and Crew Manipulated Some Events to Make Them Look More Dangerous

Another accusation that came from people who had worked on the show is that some situations were made to look more dangerous than they really were. This was done to make the show more exciting and add some peril to proceedings. Of course, it also misled viewers into thinking Bear Grylls was putting himself in harm’s way.

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