Our New Survival Book is Coming!

 Our New Survival Book is Coming!

We live in a world in which we have become so dependent on ‘other things‘ and ‘other people‘ that we don’t have a clue what we should do in an emergency.

Our book has been carefully selected and some of our readers will get a copy to fill us in on any serious ‘how to survive‘ topics we may have missed. You will learn how to survive almost everything possible within the pages of this book. This could be from surviving a broken heel to surviving a hungry octopus. I WILL say that those two titles are NOT in the book.

It is only going to be made as a digital download for your library so it can always be updated as we receive comments from our readers for further updates. 

We want to prepare you physically AND mentally and give you only the most solid information that we can in an easy to read form.

There are REAL hazards and threats out there and people need to be made more aware of how ‘at risk‘ they are. If you have the knowledge to help you out of tricky situations then you can survive anything and we want to show you how in our very own book!

Throughout history, as a species, we have had to fight to survive! To get to where we are now it has been constant battles. We have had to learn to adapt to different, difficult, and sometimes dangerous situations (what I call the Triple Ds).

  1. Different situations are incredibly difficult for some people to enter. It causes them to panic and they ‘stress out‘.
  2. Difficult situations are (along with the above) could be any number of things. It would be something to look very different for every single person.
  3. Dangerous situations are those that have happened not just in the past but those that are also still happening to this day.

The thing is, for the human species to reach this far, they passed down survival skills to their own children, and so on, but today, they are all forgotten skills.

We believe that it is important to be prepared for literally anything. And if you never personally put your knowledge into practice, pass it on to someone that will, dont waste the knowledge.

Anyway, enough of my talk, it will be out soon, the list of contents and samples will be out even sooner.

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