Preppers Top 100 “TO DO” List

I stumbled across this post over on and needed to share it with our readers. I think as preppers we get all too caught up in how we will survive in the future that we often forget about the simple little things that we can be doing now to prepare for it. I will […]Read More

6 Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors

When we purchased our house the only thing that really let it down was the size of the garden. We like to grow as much of our own food as possible so manage as best we can with the garden but also make use of growing vegetables indoors. Here we are going to look at […]Read More

800+ Free Backyard Project Plans

Here at UK Survival Guides we love the word FREE and we are sure that you love it too. Today we want to share with you a link that can open you up to 800+ free backyard project plans collected from the thousands of the Internet’s best. Whether you want to build a small bird […]Read More

How to use a Defibrillator

You may think that using a defibrillator would be a tricky situation but after having the chance to get some hands on expereince with using them, I can safely say that they are actually very easy to use. Not all defibrillators are going to look the same but they all function in pretty much the […]Read More