8 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

According to WWF there are eight million tonnes of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year, killing and harming marine life. It has been estimated that 8.3 billion tonnes of virgin plastic has been produced to date. Of that, only 9% was recycled. 12% of that was incinerated with the further 79% accumulating […]Read More

Dealing with a Financial Emergency

Financial Preparedness is one of the most important topics in preparedness.  Even if an SHTF doesn’t happen, we are still going to see an economic downturn.  It’s happening in other parts of the world.  We will see it here.  The savvy prepper will be financially prepared as much as possible to help their family get […]Read More

Being A Normal Prepper

The unprepared have a certain image of preppers.  They think preppers are foil hat wearing, bunker dwellers that can’t have a normal life if they wanted to.  The truth is, many preppers are your normal, everyday, regular joe.  And they choose to prep within their normal lifestyle. Article: Are Preppers Normal? Blending Prepping Into Your […]Read More

Perimeter Concerns and Ideas

Thinking about your perimeter shouldn’t be an afterthought, it is an important safety concern.  There are simple and inexpensive things you can do to alert you of someone breaching your area. Article: Perimeter Protection Assurance – Smart Tips Ep. Link – Episode 534 Mentioned in this Episode:  FREE eBook – 140 Tips to Help You […]Read More

Burns: What To Do

Burns on any part of your body during normal times are painful and can cause infection.  But having burns in an SHTF scenario will be worse!  Do you know enough to make good decisions if one of your loved ones gets burned? Article: Preppermed101: Emergency Burn Care Ep. Link – Episode 533 Mentioned in this Episode:  FREE […]Read More