How to Make Your Own Strike Anywhere Matches

Although strike anywhere matches can still be purchased with a little bit of shopping around, they certainly seem to be getting harder and harder to get hold of. Well today we want to show you how to make your very strike anywhere matches at home. I have seen a fair few different videos for making […]Read More

How to Know If Plastic Container is Food Grade

Food storage is a top priority for preppers however, it is necessary to use the appropriate food storage containers for the job so as not to ruin your stockpile. Even none-preppers may stockpile for the long-term but unless they do their research they seem to think that they can just buy bags of rice and store […]Read More

Protecting Your Hands in Survival

From saving your hands from blisters to protecting against a runaway blade, gloves are important now and will be important in a survival or SHTF situation.  Having gloves that will work and function as well as allow you to grab your weapon for self-defense must be considered as well.  Here are some ideas and thoughts. […]Read More

How to Dry Your Own Fruit at Home in an Oven

Drying your own fruit at home is not a hard task and can be done rather easily using nothing more than just your oven. Although the process itself may take a few hours, it is pretty much hands-off so you can focus on your other preps while the fruit is drying. If you like to […]Read More

Help Us Without Spending a Penny Extra

I know that a lot of our readers use Amazon when purchasing their supplies, after all, they do have some of the best deals around and in many cases, the price includes free shipping. If you don’t already know, is an Amazon affiliate which means that we get paid a small commission every time […]Read More