Financial Preparedness – You Have Options Now!

Financial Preparedness is a very important aspect of preparedness.  Being financially prepared gives you options when you find yourself in hard financial times, if that is self-made or due to a bigger economic collapse. Article: Financial Preparedness for What is to Come Ep. Link – Episode 528 Mentioned in this Episode:  Support Prepper Website by […]Read More

How to Survive Being Laid Off

Everything is going as usual, you wake up, grab a coffee and a little breakfast but then something strange happens. The phone rings, you pick it up to your boss on the other end of the line calling for an impromptu meeting. Maybe it’s a new client, a promotion, but no. You walk into the […]Read More

Can You Really Start a Fire With a Lemon?

In 2016, a video appeared online purportedly showing how you could turn a lemon into a simple battery, and then use it to start a fire by igniting a piece of steel wool. It was similar to a simple science experiment we all tried in grade school, but going one step further to make fire? […]Read More

How to Make Vinegar at Home

Almost all prepper pantries are stocked with one variety of vinegar or another but did you know that you can save money by making your own vinegar at home? This guide will walk you through the easy process of making vinegar at home and although it’s fairly cheap to buy, homemade simply tastes better. The […]Read More

How Can a Business Prepare For a Natural Disaster?

How can a business prepare for a natural disaster? This is often a question that is never thought about until it is already too late. During any natural disaster, businesses are affected and sometimes, long after the actual event has ended. It doesn’t matter whether preparing for a hurricane, wild fire, tornado, earthquake, or something […]Read More