How to Make a Swedish Torch

During todays guide we are going to be looking at how to make a Swedish torch. The great thing about these is that they take the bare minimum of tending from you as the fire burns from the inside of the log. These were used extensively during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) as a simple and […]Read More

Communication During a Disaster

You must make sure that you have a plan in place for communication during a disaster. During and following a disaster can be hard for anybody. It becomes even worse if you do not prepare now for how you are going to communicate with your loved ones. Power outages will mean you can’t use your […]Read More

Ark Two – Nuclear Fallout Shelter

The Ark Two nuclear fallout shelter, or SAFE (Safe America For Everyone) Community is the largest pluralistic survival community in North America without any political, religious, or cultural bias. Its purpose is to ameliorate the catastrophe of a nuclear war or other world-wide cataclysmic catastrophe and to help restore civilization. Bruce Beach is the founder of […]Read More

Survival Basics – Water for Survival

It is possible for somebody to go weeks without food but when it comes to water for survival, it is a completely different story. Apart from oxygen, water is your body’s most important nutrient. If you wish to stay healthy, you must continually replenish your fluid supply. Failure to do so leads to your organs […]Read More

Survival Guide to Bugging In

Fleeing a disaster before it happens (bugging out) is not always an option that we have. Sometimes, we may have no choice, or it may even be a smarter option to think about staying put (bugging in). During this guide we are going to be looking at how you can keep yourself and your family […]Read More