Reader Websites?

Looking back, I haven’t really written many posts that have been a direct question to you. Many bloggers may not see it of importance but I do. I want to connect and get to know my readers and I am going to start doing this through a series of very simple and straight-forward posts. So, […]Read More

Avalanche in Turkey Takes Out Rescue Team; 28 Dead

An avalanche in Ankara, Turkey has struck a mountain road taking out a large crowd of rescue workers that were there for a previous avalanche. In total, 23 rescue workers were killed will many still left to find. This second avalanche that struck brought the total figure of those dead had reached 28 38. Late […]Read More

I’m Sorry: We’re Now Accepting Donations

Hello! My name is Craig Burr, the founder and chief editor of I have been working hard here on the site since the end of 2018 and have written over 720 articles for no compensation at all while trying to make money elsewhere to keep it going and sustain my work. We’ve built a […]Read More

Best Personal Locator Beacons of 2020

We all know that everything that we do in life carries risks. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a walk or a train ride, there are things that can go wrong and put you in danger. A big part of survival and emergency preparedness is to prepare in advance for what might come in […]Read More