Ways to Get Your Car Out of the Mud

I just can’t lie, driving through the mud is fun! Whether intentional or not, at some point your vehicle is going to hit the mud. Sadly, sometimes it’s not as easy as driving in one side and out the other in the same movement. Sometimes, we just can’t help getting stuck! What do you do […]Read More

Using Wasp Spray for Self-Defense

I was on Facebook earlier today when a friend of mine shared a post about using wasp spray for self-defense. The post itself is nothing new and has been doing the rounds via email and on social media since 2009 but what shocked me was that people are still falling for this myth even now. […]Read More

What’s the Best Way to Stack Firewood?

If you use wood to heat your home then you will know that there is actually quite an art to doing it all successfully. Believe it or not, the way that you stack your firewood matters and this is what we’re looking at today. Get it wrong and you could end up with all kinds […]Read More

What to Plant to Attract Bees

Sadly it has taken a huge decrease in the bee population for us to stand up and start actually seeing the benefits of these little creatures. Thankfully there are simple things that we can do to give them a helping hand and one of those things is to simply plant flowers that bees like. The […]Read More

How to Build a Bee Hive

If you have got into the whole prepping and survival mindset then there is a good chance that you have also looked into other subjects too, such as gardening, home maintenance or even beekeeping. I mean, think of all that pure honey! The reason that honey is so popular among preppers is because it not […]Read More