EP. 151 – Win a Gun Fight, Scavenge from An Old Vehicle

Episode 151 Articles: How To Win A Gun Fight: The 14 Things You Need To Remember Things To Scavenge Off Of Old & Abandoned Vehicles In A SHTF Survival Situation – 33:22 Mentioned in this Episode: Prepper Website’s Youtube Channel Prepper Website’s Twitter Channel Top Prepper Websites Items of Interest: Purchase Quality Long-term Food Storage […]Read More

EP. 152 – Reluctant Spouse, EMP Info. to Know Before SHTF

Episode 152 Articles: The Reluctant Spouse, Part I: Three Approaches to Bridge the Gap Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – What You Need to Know – 12:45 Mentioned in this Episode: TAG Cloud on Prepper Website Items of Interest: Purchase Quality Long-term Food Storage FREE Hidden Knife Belt Remember, there is a HUGE selection of great preparedness […]Read More

EP. 153 – Preps are Nothing Without This, Medical Supplies

Episode 153 Articles: Without this, All Your Preps and Training are for Naught During SHTF Medical Supplies, Part 1: Starting Out – 26:11 Medical Supplies, Part 2: Minor Wounds Mentioned in this Episode: Medical Supplies, Part 3: Orthopedic Injuries Medical Supplies, Part 4: Open/Bleeding Wounds Altoids Tin: Urban EDC First Aid Kit or My Boo-Boo […]Read More

EP. 154 – Tips for Foraging, Prepping Your Tires

Episode 154 Articles: Tips For Foraging Safely During A Survival Scenario – 15:02 Tires As Part Of Basic Vehicle Preparations – 28:53 Mentioned in this Episode: Idiot’s Guide for Foraging Foraging Texas LATEST: Church Usher Took Down Shooter, Made Him Shoot Himself In Leg, Held Him At Gunpoint VID: Fans Boo Patriots For Kneeling During Anthem, Shout, […]Read More

EP. 155 – Clothing When the SHTF, Making Biogas

Episode 155 Articles: Clothing will not be optional in a post SHTF world, it will be critical! – 15:56 How To Make Your Own Gas In 7 Easy Steps With A Biogas Generator – 27:24 Mentioned in this Episode: Puerto Rico is in the dark in wake of Hurricane Maria 2017 09 24 John Haller’s […]Read More