Disinfecting Water with Chlorine Could be Bad

Mixing drinking water with chlorine, the United States’ most common method of disinfecting drinking water, creates previously unidentified toxic byproducts, says Carsten Prasse from Johns Hopkins University and his collaborators from the University of California, Berkeley and Switzerland. The researchers’ findings were published this past week in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. “There is […]Read More

How to Make Ranger Beads

Ranger beads (pace counting beads) were originally developed by military forces to help them to keep count of the distance that they had travelled while they were on foot. These are a super simple project that you can start and finish in no time and is easy enough that you can get the kids involved […]Read More

Sewing for Survival

We need clothes, it is a form of shelter for our bodies. They can help keep us warm or even keep the rain off. If we need it, we go straight to the store and buy it. When we need new clothes we don’t repair the ones we have we just buy new. But let’s […]Read More