10 Old Survival Tips We Shouldn’t Forget

When the electricity stops we can’t rely on modern technology to do everything for us. We need to rewind to old methods to get simple jobs done. This is where so many people are going to fail because they do not know how to do even the simplest of tasks. We are going to take […]Read More

Home Security Tips for Renters

The biggest concern when people get a new place to live is usually security. If you have bought your own house this is usually easier as you can just go ahead and have a security system installed. It is not so simple if you are renting. Your landlord has the final say but you do […]Read More

How to Keep Calm in a Crisis

During a crisis it is a very normal reaction to panic. The problem is that if we let it, this panic then escalates and turns into stress and severe panic and before we know it, we’re in a heap on the floor wondering where we went wrong. Many of the greatest survival stories couldn’t have […]Read More