Could This be the Solution to Australia’s Bushfires

The fires in Australia have been burning for months, consuming nearly 18 million acres of land, causing thousands to evacuate and killing potentially millions of animals. They’re showing minimal signs of slowing down. The Australian state of New South Wales, where both Sydney and Canberra are located, declared a state of emergency this week, as […]Read More

Simple Solar Cooking Tips

Solar cooking is an incredibly easy way of using the rays from the sun to cook your meals. There are a couple of things that you need to get right but solar cooking is not at all hard to master. With solar cooking you can bake, boil and steam without ever having to use your […]Read More

Crazy Things Humans Have Survived

We don’t wish anything bad on anybody but there are times when serious accidents happen. Accidents that should have killed them yet they managed to survive. I wanted to scour the internet and collect together the weird, the incredible, the dangerous, accidents that left the victim able to live on to tell the tale when […]Read More

Is That Free Wi-Fi Network Secure?

It seems like anything that we want to do nowadays needs an Internet connection. There are free Wi-Fi spots opening up everywhere from public transport, to coffee shops, to libraries, and restaurants. Most of these public Wi-Fi spots are encrypted but there are still large amounts of unencrypted ones too that make it easy for […]Read More

Complete Wild Camping Guide UK

Today I wanted to write a post that clearly states what is legal and illegal when it comes to wild camping in the UK. I do a lot of wild camping around the Peak District and the Lake District and am surprised at just how many people I come across that don’t even know the […]Read More