Personal Safety While Walking or Jogging Alone

 Personal Safety While Walking or Jogging Alone

A predator is always looking for what they believe to be an easy target. If they are spotted, they will usually leave the “hard target” and go back to waiting for an easy one. They go through what is known as the victim selection process which is much like an animal predator would do when selecting prey. The process is very rarely a random one and the plan is usually thought out well in advance. A human predator is looking for three things when selecting a target:

  1. Lack of awareness of surroundings
  2. Predictability of schedule, and
  3. Someone in an isolated environment alone

Doing what you can to prepare yourself in advance does not mean that you are living in fear. Preparing means that you are creating safer situations for yourself and being aware of your surroundings.

We hope that the tips below will help you to keep safe and feel more confident any time that you are out walking or jogging alone. Don’t choose not to go out because you fear becoming a victim, these tips are meant so that you can go out safely and enjoy your time without living in fear.

Personal Safety While Walking or Jogging Alone

  • Whenever possible, always go out with at least one other person. There is strength in numbers and you are less likely to be seen as an easy target.
  • Change your routine often. Choose different paths to go jogging and don’t always head out at the same time. This way your routine won’t be so predictable.
  • Give the dog some exercise too. They are good early warning systems and dogs of any size will try to protect their owner.
  • Stop with the headphones. Music may motivate you but if you have your headphones in, you immediately lose one of your best protective senses. If someone wants to single you out, you will often hear them before you see them which will leave you with time to react.
  • Choose busy areas. If you do go out jogging alone, only do so in busy and well lit areas.
  • Always carry a personal alarm. It is easier to get immediate help if needed. The SABRE Runner is perfect for joggers that fits around your arm and is activated by pulling a ring.
  • Always face the traffic. If you walk or jog facing the traffic, it makes it harder for someone to pull alongside you.
  • Don’t wear hoodies. They block your peripheral vision but can also be grabbed to control you.
  • Show confidence. You may not even feel confident, but always act like you are. Run with your shoulders back, look passersby in the eye, and don’t show fear.
  • Let others know. Tell somebody where you are going and what time you will be back.
  • Always have a safe place in mind. You will know your route better than most so always have places in mind where you can head to if anything doesn’t feel right or something happens.

Anything can happen anywhere so always be smart, be safe and stay healthy!!

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