How to Prepare for a Terrorist Attack

 How to Prepare for a Terrorist Attack

New York City became a victim of the worst terror attacks in the country’s history back in 2001. More than 2,700 people were killed in the attacks on New York City’s Twin Towers. About 300 of those were firefighters and emergency responders. Although I would say that the attack on the Twin Towers has been the worst terror attack in history, I know that it won’t stop there. Terrorist cowards are in every country and I am sorry to say but these attacks will continue.

The thought alone of terrorism is a scary thought, but its even scarier when you don’t have a plan in place for when one of these attacks happens near you. You may not ever think it will happen on your doorstep, I am sure nobody ever does, but the fact is, it can happen ANYWHERE.

Below we are going to cover some tips to help you prepare beforehand so that should it ever happen near you, you will know how to handle the situation.

Situational Awareness

I have mentioned situational awareness a few times here on the site and that is because I believe it to be a very important skill to learn. You should be aware of what is going on around you and who is about. By taking the time to completely learn this skill will allow you to instantly know when something seems amiss. Be alert and learn the art of listening to your surroundings. In case there is any abnormal behavior, look for an emergency exit. Being away from the danger zone will ensure that you are safe. Check out our post on learning situational awareness for more information.

Family Emergency Plan

It is your duty at all times to do everything you possibly can to keep your family safe. You will need everybody to pull together and each know their part. How are you and your family prepared in case there is an attack? Make a detailed plan as a family so that you are all aware of what to do when attacks occur. Where should you meet in case bombings happen? Have a common meeting ground for everybody to reconnect as there may be issues with network or phone communications.

Include the following areas at a minimum:

  • How you are going to keep up-to-date with the current situation.
  • What your shelter plans are.
  • Your evacuation routes.
  • Your communications plan.

Have an Emergency Fund in Place

We cannot stress how important having money in case of emergency is. If there is an immediate emergency evacuation needed then you won’t be able to go to the bank and withdraw some money. You need to have an emergency fund on hand at all times. For more information, check out our post Starting an Emergency Fund.


Food and water are both essential to the body for it to function adequately. Since no one knows when an attack may happen, you always need to have food available that will last at least a week. Store food that could last even a month as you may never know how long the situation will continue and if the food prices will consequently become insanely higher.

Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Bug out bags are designed so that you can just grab them and go during an emergency which is especially important when it comes to terrorist attacks. Your bag should be tailored to your own personal needs but contain the essential items that you would need to survive at least 72 hours. You should keep one of these bags in places where you spend most of your time. This could be one at home and one at work, or one at home, one at work, and one in the car. A great resource for learning what to put in your BOB can be found at Bug Out Bag Academy.

Protect Your Home

If you are planning on purchasing a house, find one that has a room that can be used as a safe room. The idea of a safe room is to give you and your family a safe place to be in times of danger. In such situations of attacks, ensure that your house doesn’t look inviting. If possible, keep your car off the driveway as well as any pets. A home that looks ‘deserted’ will most likely not attract the attackers, as they seek to hold people hostage. An empty-looking home reduces the likelihood of becoming a target.

Remain Calm

Staying calm during high-stress and dangerous situations may seem hard, but it’s not impossible and is needed so that you can think clearly at all times. Understand and accept that there is nothing you can do during the situation especially in the case of being held, hostage. Just calm down and keep quiet. Don’t risk your life by overpowering the criminals. Your life is the most valuable thing at stake, so protect it.

Build Makeshift Weapons

Unless you are a licensed gun holder, I would suggest not having illegal arms in the house. However, you can always use makeshift weapons for unforeseen situations as such. You can watch DIY tutorials on Youtube on how to make weapons such as bows. Knives also come in handy when you are faced with a threat.

Pre-planning reduces fear as it gives you a sense of confidence. A strategy is the main trick of staying alive and safe. All of the above measures will minimize risk. Acceptance plays a huge role too as it gives you room for expecting such occurrences which helps you to be emotionally stable.

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