Prepper Skills that are Easier to Master than You’d Imagine!

 Prepper Skills that are Easier to Master than You’d Imagine!

We live in an age where we learn to rely on other people when we want something.

In a catastrophic event, everyone will be looking after themselves and they won’t be able to be looking after you too. You need to be able to do things for yourself.

Who would you be in a disaster? At the mercy of others or able to continue?

There is not a single thing in this world that is out of our grasp if we want it. If we want to know something then we have the ability to go out and learn it. This post is going to look at some simple survival skills that are actually very easy to master and add to your prepper knowledge.

Even if the worst never happens you can save yourself a lot of money down the road by just taking the time to learn some simple skills.

1. Basic Sewing Skills

Sewing is one of those skills that you learn once but have it for a lifetime. Why would you need to bother learning how to sew?

It is easy to go and buy a new jumper or pair of jeans when they need repairing but what if that luxury was taken away from us and our clothes needed to last. Do you have the knowledge to repair your clothes?

To me, sewing is a survival skill that is just as important now as it was hundreds of years ago. You don’t need to be able to create the latest in fashion but being able to sew a button back on to a top can go a long way.

The bonus with this tip is that you can also use it as a means of making money or a skill for bartering following a crisis.

2. Fence Building

This is pretty self-explanatory or although it also really goes to those that run their own homesteads. If this is you then you are going to need a way to keep your animals in and the predators out.

You are also going to need to find the cheapest source for your materials because following a disaster there may be lots of repairs that need to be made.

Maybe you could make a little bit of money fixing other people’s fences too and offer out your services to help get you through.

3. Learning to Garden

I seem to be seeing this skill dying around me on a daily basis. People just don’t seem to have the passion for being outside anymore. I’m sure technology has a lot to do with that but that’s a whole different subject.

Following a crisis you are still going to need a supply of your fruit and vegetables. You can’t rely on the stores as they too may have been affected. This makes it as good a time as any to learn to manage your own garden.

It’s really not difficult and could end up saving you a fortune!

You don’t have to do anything difficult or overwhelming to begin with and you can use as little space as you like.

There are literally thousands of books out there on Amazon so there is no reason you can’t start today.

4. Preserving Foods

The ability and the choices available to us to help us to preserve our own food is unimaginable. There are new products coming out every year and more people than ever around the world are starting to understand the benefits of food preservation.

This is important if you wish to start your own survival garden as there may be times when you end up growing more than you actually need. If this happens then you are going to want a way of preserving that food to keep it fresh for use at a later date.

There is literally so much free canning and food preservation information out there that I’m not even going to start linking out or I would be here all night.

5. Basic First Aid

This is always one of the very first things that I tell people that they need to learn. We are not crazy nutjobs like the media portrays us wannabe action stars.

This is real life and real emergencies are happening every day. What if it was you? Your children? Your husband or wife? If they get stabbed in front of you what are going to do? You need medical training, at the very least, basic first aid.

6. Learn to Fix Your Ride

Simple mechanical skills are invaluable skills to hold and would be useful in a disaster scenario.

In the event of a catastrophic event, you’re going to need a set of working wheels!

Knowing how to fix and maintain your vehicle could eliminate many hassles down the road.

Need a headstart? Go to iFixit here and find your vehicle. See what guides they have for you.

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