Preppers Top 100 “TO DO” List

 Preppers Top 100 “TO DO” List

I stumbled across this post over on and needed to share it with our readers. I think as preppers we get all too caught up in how we will survive in the future that we often forget about the simple little things that we can be doing now to prepare for it.

I will just quickly share a few items from the list and then head over to Happy Preppers to check the full list out for yourself.

#7 Learn to Make Fire in More Than One Way

A BIC lighter is an excellent tool, but the day may come when it cracks or runs out fuel rendering it useless until you fix it. A  magnifying glass is a good option for starting a fire if you don’t a have a lighter. A good magnifying glass is around $4 and available with free shipping. Other good firestarters include a magnesium stick, fire ribbon or waterproof matches.

#15 Check your Bicycle (and have repair tools on hand)!

Your bike might be the only mode of transportation in an extreme power grid failure. If you don’t have a bicycle head to Amazon (we recommend getting an adult tricycle to load your essentials). Of course you can always procure a used bicycle at a garage sale. Extras would be great for bartering or backup! Ensure you have a bike lock for every bike and at one bicycle repair kit on hand. The bike tool kit left is just about everything you need. Add patches, extra tubes, chains, oil and a bike pump and you’re just about good to go. You’ll need some expertise in repairing bikes.

Get bike tutoring help at where you’ll learn how to tune up your bike, how to straighten a bent disc brake rotor and more.

#19 Rotate Your Canned Goods

Prepare a meal from eligible stock or donate items that haven’t yet met their expiration date to a food bank. Look for dented, rusted, or cans that have bulged and throw them out.

#24 Learn a New Skill

Preppers always have new skills to master. Take up a new hobby today whether it’s coin collecting, gardening, fishing or charcuterie! What the heck is Charcuterie? Find out how this skill could help you as a Prepper.

#31 Get to Know Your Neighbors

Perhaps there’s a medical doctor, nurse or an EMT down the street. Ask him or her to review your first aid kit. Dentists and hygienists could provide some dental assistance. Just remember the first rule of Prep Club: don’t talk about Prep Club. Be a good neighbor. If you are public about your prepping plans, which we don’t advise, then you must integrate neighbors in your planning efforts. Help them develop their own means of survival! An acceptable way to approach neighbors is to set up or participate in a neighborhood watch. This is equivalent to pioneers banding together and “circling their wagons” to defend themselves on the prairies.

Okay, you want the full list? Check it out at Preppers Top 100 “TO DO” List

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  • You make a good point about preparing now. I recently started my own blog on expanding skills now and some books I’ve read that I feel help. I’m brainstorming more ideas and feedback helps.

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