[Recommended Product] Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

If you had the chance to try out the original Pocket Shot then you will know how incredible they were for such a small bit of kit.

Well, Pocket Shot have now upped their game as they bring to us the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch.

Where the original slingshot reinvented shooting with a stretchy pouch that fires steel slugs, marbles, .4 cal paintballs, and Airsoft ammo, this one graduates archers and hunters to full-size archery arrows.

The Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Pouch with D-loop attaches to any Pocket Shot or Pocket Hammer. This product has approx. a 40lb pull and is to be used with an arrow release glove). Product shoots FULL sized 30 inch arrows. Not for kids arrows or arrows with cheap nocks and rubber fletchings.

  • PRO Arrow Pouch with D-loop
  • Fits any Pocket Shot or Pocket HAMMER
  • Requires archery release
  • 38-40 lbs draw weight

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