Respect the Police

 Respect the Police

I’m not going to lie, the police have had plenty of bad press. But so has the average citizen and I still respect them.

Whether it is from not turning up to a reported crime to police harassment, people have their reasons as to why they are losing their respect for the police and I get it, it is understandable but we are going about things the wrong way.

If one officer does something wrong then they should be punished for that but it does not mean that EVERY single police officer out there in the WORLD is doing that exact same thing wrong.

They barely even get a mention when they lose there life protecting US. I don’t know many people that would be willing to stand between you and a gunman but those that do, certainly deserve your respect.

Too many people like to sit behind a screen and judge those riding in police cars. They like to say what the police SHOULD have done or SHOULD have said in a situation when they have never been in that situation themselves.

We owe our police officers the same rights and respect that we show everyone else. Right?

Here are just a few reasons as to why they deserve our respect:

  • It’s dangerous – they are leaving the safety of their home to head straight into dangerous areas. As soon as they become a police officer they become a bigger target. They fully understand that everyday they go to work they could end up being seriously hurt or even killed. And they do that for us!
  • No fear – if somebody wants to attack you then as soon as you have the opportunity to get out of there then you take it but the police officer can’t do that. He has to stay there until that person has been dealt with. They are having to deal with the people that we never would.
  • Negative media – we all make mistakes and as an average citizen we can usually move on pretty easily but not so much for a police officer. Every little mistake that is made could end up all over the news. Kids are automatically growing up being showed all these negative images about the police that they never have respect for them.
  • They are not out to harm you – the police don’t take the job to hurt us but to protect us. They will show you the same respect that is shown to them. If you are arrested it is because you did something wrong, not just because the police felt like arresting someone.
  • They are no different to you – believe it or not a police officer is no different to you and me except that they wear a different uniform and carry a badge. For all you know, that could have been an off-duty police officer in front of you getting a coffee.

It can be easy to show no respect for the police and never even think about the work that they are carrying out each day. We soon forget this when we need them though right?

Maybe the next time you see a police officer you should try saying thank you for the work that they do or show them some form of appreciation instead of not giving them the time of day.

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