Review: Vango Nitestar 375 Sleeping Bag

 Review: Vango Nitestar 375 Sleeping Bag

In my hunt to replace my old sleeping bag, I decided to try out the Vango Nitestar 375 sleeping bag which I purchased from Go Outdoors for £43.99 with their discount card. This is a very high quality sleeping bag with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. The temperature sure has dropped here the last couple of nights but this has kept me really warm throughout the night.

Quick Specs

  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Comfort Temp: -1
  • Limit Temp: -7
  • Extreme Temp: -25
  • Dimensions: 205cm long x 85cm chest x 48cm foot width
  • Packed Size: 46 x 29cm


  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money
  • Keeps the warmth in where it should be
  • Good warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Comfortable design
  • Has an internal velcro fastening pocket for your wallet, phone, etc


  • A bit heavy, bulky, and warm for summer use


This isn’t a cheap sleeping bag but I believe that it’s a great deal when compared to sleeping bags of a similar quality. The Nitestar 375 will keep you warm and comfortable, that’s a guarantee. If you primarily backpack in warm summer weather, the weight and temperature rating of this bag may be a bit much, but if you’re looking for a bag that can do it all and will rarely feel too heavy or bulky, the Nitestar 375 is an excellent fit.

The temperature ratings mean that you can use this sleeping bag on a wide variety of trips, even really chilly ones. It is 100% polyester 190T slightly brushed- A soft to touch microfibre lining fabric that is wonderfully cosy, snug and breathable and the insulated, adjustable shoulder baffle and insulated zip baffle – Retains heat within the sleeping bag.

For it’s size and warmth rating, the Nitestar 375 packs down to a fairly managable size although if you are used to putting your sleeping bag inside of your rucksack, this one wont leave you with very much room for anything else. Some of the leading competition might pack smaller, but the Nitestar 375 is still very good in this arena.

The interior fabric on the Nitestar 375 is soft and comfortable against the skin. The exterior fabric is fairly thin in order to keep weight to a minimum. I personally believe that the Nitestar 375 is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the trail, but like all backpacking gear, you’ll want to treat it with care.

We love how easily the no-snag zipper slides on the Nitestar 375 and consider this a big win compared to the competition. The hood fits the head very well and has a substantial amount of filling, ensuring your head will stay toasty warm too.

If you are on the hunt for a new sleeping bag that can last, I really do recommend checking out the Vango Nitestar 375. It will keep you warm without weighing down your pack or stretching your wallet. While not the cheapest on the market, the Nitestar 375 has a very reasonable price tag for a sleeping bag with it’s specs. In fact, we think the Nitestar 375 may just be the best value sleeping bag on the market.

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