Safety Tips for Men and Women

 Safety Tips for Men and Women

Safety tips for men

It has been suggested that young men aged between 18 and 25 are more likely to be attacked in the street than anybody else and men in general are twice as likely to be violently attacked than women.

The fact is, many men just don’t pay enough attention to their own safety. They fear that they will appear weak which can be a very dangerous situation to find yourself in.

Here are our top safety tips for men.

1. Understand the Risk

It is not just girls and women that are at risk and need to think about personal safety, men are at risk too so never forget that. As we said above, men are almost twice as likely to be attacked than women. Understand the risk that you could potentially face when you go out.

2. Remain Alert

Being alert and aware of your surroundings is one of the leading ways of making sure that you don’t run into trouble. Keep your phone out of your hand and know what is going on around you at all times. Pay attention!

3. Change Your Route

If you see potential trouble ahead of you, change your route and go a different way. It may take longer to get where you’re going but it will at least keep you safe.

4. Alcohol Changes Behavior

Every single person acts differently when they are drunk. From giving you more confidence to reducing your reaction times, you won’t be the same as you would be sober. Even added confidence can appear threatening to others. Understanding that you will change, you should also understand that other people change in the same way. If you see a group of rowdy drunk people, don’t even bother heading towards them.

5. Watch Your Gadgets

Showing off that you have the latest phone or gadget is just plain stupid and all you are doing is making yourself a target. Don’t walk around with headphones in and as mentioned, keep your phone out of your hands and in your pocket.

6. Know Your Route

If you are heading out, understand the route that you are going to take before you start. Predators often look for people that are distracted and appear lost. If you are going out for a drink, plan your route home BEFORE you start drinking. Book a taxi in advance or know bus and train times if needed.

7. Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are not just for women and there are many men that carry them as part of their EDC as an extra layer of protection. There are literally thousands of different alarms from ones that make an ear-piercing noise to ones that are connected to the police. Shop around for one that fits your budget.

8. Avoid Fights

If confronted it is important that you stay relaxed. Being afraid or stressed can escalate the situation rapidly. Whenever possible, try to talk your way out of an aggressive confrontation, keep your voice low, and speak slowly and clearly. Everyone has a zone around them that they don’t like people entering. If you want others to respect yours, then respect theirs too. Finally, watch how you stand. Crossed arms, hands on hips, or a raised arm can all be seen as aggressive and challenging. Don’t touch someone but always look confident.

If you think that you are about to be attacked just try to get out of there as you don’t know what their intentions are. Walk away as quickly as possible and head to an area you know there will be plenty of people. Report the incident as soon as you can as you could possibly just save someone else. Self-defense should only ever be used as a last resort

Safety Tips for Women

We have plenty of articles here for safety tips for women so we are going to try and avoid the usual stuff and look at some things that you may not have thought about.

1. Face the Traffic

When walking it is important that you face on-coming traffic which will help you to avoid any possible sneak attackers. The last thing you want is for a car to sneak up behind you. Always be alert  and keep your eyes looking ahead for vehicles. Don’t walk with your head in your phone. If walking late at night, consider also wearing relective clothing and a flashing light.

2. If You Believe You’re Being Followed

If you have reason to believe that you are being followed, you need to take immediate action. Cross over to the opposite side of the road and cross again to really make sure. If they do exactly the same, it would be a rather big coincidence that they had made the wrong mistake at the same time. Don’t stop but head for a busy area or a shop to get help. If a vehicle does pull up alongside you, turn and walk in the other direction: you can turn much faster than a car.

3. Never Hail a Minicab in the Street

We’ve all seen the movies where the star comes out of somewhere like a hotel and sticks his arm out to hail a minicab. Don’t do that, it is a stupid idea that could get you in trouble. If you need a minicab, call the company and book the cab over the phone. Whenever possible, always share a cab with a friend.

If you are at all worried during the journey, ask the driver to stop in a busy area and get out of the car. If the driver refuses to stop, use your phone to call the police and alert other drivers and pedestrians by waving or calling out the window if needed.

4. Bus and Train Safety

Never get your money out in clear view of the other passengers but instead have the change or ticket ready in your hand before getting on the bus or train. When waiting for the bus or train, keep out of the shadows and always wait in a well-lit area where there are plenty of other people waiting. When getting on a train, don’t take a seat in an empty carriage but find one that has plenty of people. If you feel threatened at any time during the journey, make as much noise as possible to alert the driver.

5. Avoid Putting Yourself in Dangerous Situations

Thinking things through and planning for the unexpected helps you feel confident and react well in emergencies.

  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will be back – or at least leave a note. If your plans change, tell someone.
  • Avoid using unlit or isolated cash machines.
  • Do not ignore your instincts, e.g. hackles rising at the back of the neck. Act straight away.

6. Avoid Drink Spiking

  • Always keep an eye on your drink. Take it with you or order a new one when going to the loo.
  • Don’t accept drinks from other people. If you do, go to the bar with them and only take the drink from the barman.
  • never leave with a stranger after the party.
  • If you start to feel weird (sick, dizzy, confused) find a friend and tell them.

7. Personal Alarms

More and more people are choosing to carry personal alarms in order to feel better protected. The great thing about personal alarms is that you do not need to engage with an attacker and they are easy and effective to use. These are only small devices that you can easily carry around with you when you go out and are usually activated by simply pulling a cord or pressing a button. Generally speaking, attackers really don’t want to stick around when there’s an alarm going off, attracting curious people to the scene. It just wouldn’t make much sense.

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