Stop Making These Mistakes that Make Your Home an Easy Target

 Stop Making These Mistakes that Make Your Home an Easy Target

Everybody should be able to feel safe within their own home. There is no worse feeling than coming back from a trip only to find that your property has been broken in to. Whilst no one’s home is immune to a break-in, there are things that we sometimes do that make our homes an easy target.

Mail Pile-up

A pile-up of mail is a surefire way to let anybody know that you are definitely not home. If you are in the UK, you can avoid giving possible intruders this invitation by having your mail put on hold with the post office. You can then just go and pick up all your mail once you return from your trip. I am not sure if this goes for those in the US too so would appreciate any information from our readers overseas.

If you would rather, you could have a friend or neighbour go round and pick up your mail from your house each morning as this way you won’t also get any junk mail piling up.

Keeping all Lights Off

Even when you’re away on a trip, you need to make your house look like it is occupied and that there is always somebody in, especially at night. The easiest way of doing this is by using plug socket timers that will switch lamps, TVs, and other electricals on and off at given times.

It is better to pay a little extra for timers that allow you to choose various times so that the lights are not always coming on at exactly the same time every night.

Spare Key

Laziness stops us from actually putting the spare key somewhere safe and so instead we put them in the same places that so many others do. This is not safe, and it isn’t secure. Instead of hiding the spare key around the outside of the property, hand it to a neighbour or a relative.

Bad Door Locks

With the use of a bump key, anybody could walk up to your front door and be inside your home within a matter of seconds (literally). Pin and tumbler locks are the most common in use today but are very easy to pick. Equipping your home with a bump-proof and pick-proof keyless lock will make it far less tempting for a would-be intruder to try their luck at opening your front door.

Social Media Postings

Never be one of those people that must post every single thing about their day-to-day life on social media. Sharing your real-time location on these sites is downright silly. All you are doing is saying “Hey, I’m not home, feel free to come and rob me.” Double-check the privacy settings for any social media site you’re using, so that you can better control the reach of your posts and keep prying eyes away from information that you only intend to be seen by trusted friends.

Visible Valuables

Don’t keep any valuables in view of your windows. It doesn’t take much for a possible intruder to see exactly what is in your home before attempting to get in. Even a luxury car in the driveway can suggest a valuables-filled household. Draw the blinds, move the expensive stuff out of sight and move the cars into the garage when you’re out of the house.

Burglars work fast when it comes to break-ins, but you can get your household out ahead of them by putting these strategies into place before you head out.

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