Surprising Uses For Emergency Survival Blankets

 Surprising Uses For Emergency Survival Blankets

Emergency blankets are cheap, lightweight, take up minimal space in your packs, and are yet another item that goes far beyond just being a survival blanket. They go by many names such as Mylar, and space blanket but their main purpose is the same. Today we are going to take a look at other ways that you can use these blankets in a survival situation.

  • Warmth – this is what they are intended for so it gets top spot. By wrapping yourself up, you keep the warmth trapped in.
  • Collect Rainwater – if in need of potable water, you can create a funnel by tying 4 sides and placing a container under to collect rain water. Place a rock at bottom to keep a steady stream.
  • Signalling – due to its reflective qualities, tying it to a large stick makes for a very useful signalling device.
  • Trail Marking – you can cut strips from the emergency blanket and tie to different points throughout the trail so you don’t get lost.
  • Melting Snow – place small amounts of snow on to your space blanket in the sun and funnel into a container.
  • Floatation Device – tie off ends to create air space for an improvised flotation device.
  • Fishing Lures – fish like shiny things so why not cut little bits from the blanket and use as fishing lures.
  • Keeping Food Cool – wrap food in the blanket and place in to a stream to keep it cool.
  • Heat Water – you can also use your emergency blanket to reflect the sun when you need to warm your water up.
  • Fire Starting – another means of reflecting the sun is when directed on to tinder to start a fire.
  • Boil Water – as long as you do not put it directly over the flames, you can tie your blanket to act as a small cup over the fire to boil water.
  • Create a Sling – pretty self-explanatory.
  • Fire Reflector – use it to reflect the heat from your fire in your direction.
  • Carrying Water – if you need to carry water from the source to your camp, this works wonders.
  • Keep Rucksack Contents Dry – line the inside of your rucksack or attach on the outside to keep the contents dry in the rain.
  • Warm Food – use blanket as aluminum foil to warm food near the coals of a fire.
  • Use as a Tourniquet – self-explanatory but remember that tourniquets should only ever be a last resort.
  • Drying Clothes – laying your wet clothes on the emergency blanket out in the sun will help them dry faster.
  • Rain Shelter – if your tent starts leaking, you can tie your blanket over the tent to direct the rain away.
  • Cordage – simply twist your blanket up and you have some cordage.
  • Make a Splint – The blanket can be used to hold a splint in place for an injured leg or arm.

I make that 21 uses but I am sure our readers can add to this list so share your own ideas in the comments below.

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