Surprising Uses for Silica Gel Packets

 Surprising Uses for Silica Gel Packets

I am sure you have seen plenty of these little silica gel packets when making certain purchases like trainers or even jerky.

I always found them to be annoying as they usually just ended up going straight into the trash. I never really understood how they could actually be reused.

Silica gel is toxic to humans so please do keep an eye on your kids or babies.

Since these little white packets seem to be in so many things, I wanted to find out if there was actually any way of reusing them for other things. I found quite a few uses and am going to share some of the best uses with you all today.

How to Store Silica Gel Packets?

Silica gel packets need to be stored in airtight containers that are not exposed to sunlight. This way they will be protected from any moisture and air from entering in, which keeps this gel dry. They have a long lifespan and last very long when stored in the right type of containers.

How to Reactivate Silica Gel Packets?

Once used, silica gel packets have moisture absorbed in them. If you want to reuse them you need to first get rid of this moisture. Place them in the microwave oven for about 1 ½ hours at 200 °C temperature or heat the utilized silica for about 2 hours at 120 °C (250 °F) temperature.

Dry a Cell Phone

I wish I knew this one a few times in the past but as it happens, silica gel is great for drying out a wet cell phone.

  1. Remove the battery, memory card and sim card.
  2. Fill a bowl with silica gel packets and add your phone.
  3. Leave it there at least overnight (a few days is better) before powering it on again.

Prevent Tools from Rusting

Tools if not stored correctly can quite easily go rusty. Simply add a few silica gel packets into your toolbox to Deal with any excess humidity.

Protect Your Silver

Moisture can lead to tarnish and corrosion on our silver. Add a few silica gel packets to your stash to keep those items tarnish free.

Keep Seeds Dry

If you like to store your own seed packets for the following year, storing them so they don’t mold is important. Add a silica gel packet to your container, making sure it’s airtight.

Place the seed packets in an airtight container together with the silica gel packet. You only need one per shoe box-sized container.

Extend the Life of Your Razors

Often, razors start to dull earlier than they should due to oxidation caused by moisture.

Store your razors in a tupperware container with five silica get packets inside and you’ll find they last a lot longer.

Foggy Windshields

Foggy windshields can be incredibly dangerous. It is condensation that causes this fog on a windshield which is often caused by humidity or a difference in temperature between the outside of your car and the inside of your car.

Place a few silica gel packs on the windshield of your vehicle to tackle the problem.

Keep Important Documents Safe

Keeping your valuable documents such as birth certificates or passports away from moisture can be achieved by placing a few silica gel packets with the documents.

Keep Pet Food Fresh

Buying your pet food in bulk is a great way of saving money but given time, it can end up going soggy. Add silica gel packets to the bags to help keep the food fresher for longer.

Dry Out Hearing Aids

In the same way as you would dry out your cell phone, silica gel also works wonders at removing any moisture from hearing aids. Remember to remove the battery first.

Keep Your Vitamins Fresh

If you store your vitamins or medicine in a bathroom cabinet, the humidity can affect the pills every time you open the bottle. This increase in moisture can lead to the coatings dissolving earlier than needed. To avoid this, put a packet in the bottle.

Condensation on Windows

If your interior windows tend to have condensation, you can solve this issue by using silica gel packets. Place them on the window sills of the windows that are having issues. Be sure to be extra careful with this one if you have children.

Keep Underwater Cameras Dry

Waterproof cameras are safe to take in the water but if you don’t store them properly, you could end up doing irreparable damage. You should always store your camera with two silica gel packets. It will dry any excess water or condensation out, protecting your camera and your lens.

Protect Photos

Moisture can cause serious damage to your photos. In order to keep them looking like new, you need to keep them safe and dry. Try storing them in a ziplock bag along with a few silica gel packets. The packets will keep the moisture from setting into your photos.

Keep Headphones in Top Shape

If you wear your headphones a lot, they can develop their own damp, humid atmosphere. Stick a couple of the silica gel packets in the ear cups when they are not in use. Remember, no moisture means no bacteria.

Extra Uses for Silica Gel Packets

The following uses for silica gel packets have come in from our readers.

  • Place a couple of silica gel packets in the bottom of a dirty clothes hamper to eliminate the smell of dirty clothes
  • Put them in your gun safe and with ammo to prevent rusting
  • Add a few packs with your camping gear
  • Place some with hidden geocaches
  • If shoes or boots are wet when it’s time to store them, add a few silica gel packets inside of them to dry them out
  • Store with seasonal clothing when not in use
  • Store inside suitcases and bags when not in use
  • Keep your coin collection in pristine shape with a few silica gel packets

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