Surprising Uses of a Bandana

 Surprising Uses of a Bandana

You will usually see many survival kit lists claiming that you should include a bandana, but why? During this post we are going to be looking at some of the reasons a bandana should be in everybody’s kit.

Signal for Help

A brightly coloured bandana can be used as a signal flag if you are ever in need of rescue. Attach it to the end of a long stick and wave it around in big arc shapes to draw attention to your location.

You can also wet the bandana, then use it to “gather” and release the smoke plumes when creating smoke signals.

Cold Compress

Soak your bandana in cold water and apply to sprains, burns, and other injuries


If you have to stop a bleeding wound, a bandana can be used as a tourniquet. You can use a stick to tighten it further if needed. If you have the choice of life or limb, your bandana may just save your life.


You can tear off strips or twist the whole bandana tightly to use as cordage.

Protect Against Smoke

Soak the bandana in water and use it to cover the mouth and nose to prevent smoke inhalation. Don’t use a dry bandana.

Protect Against Snow Blindness

To protect against snow blindness, tie one bandana around your head just above the eyes and another just below the eyes.


Use it as an easy identifier of wind direction and power.

Headache Relief

Soak your bandana in hot water and then place it on the back of your neck for an easy headache relief.

Snare Traps

Getting hungry? Use your bandana to make a snare trap.


Nobody wants bugs getting up and biting them on the legs. Tie a bandana just above the boots around the leg.

Molotov Cocktail

For obvious reasons, this should only be used in extremely dire circumstances but your bandana can be used as a wick.

Hot Rock Wrap

Stay warm at night by wrapping stones that have been put in a fire.


Great to lash stuff down from the wind and weather.

Fishing Net

Tie the four corners of the bandana to a stick as use as a net for catching fish.


Always handy, and keeps the sweat at bay. Add some tea tree oil to it to repel mosquitos.


Keeps the sweat out of your eyes.

Manageable Blisters

If you’ve got blisters, fold a bandana up and place it in your boot to make it a little more comfortable.

Char Cloth

For when you absolutely need to start a fire, and have nothing else, make char cloth from your bandana.

Oil Your Blades

Use your bandana to oil up your adventure knife and hatchet. Don’t use it for anything else afterwards.


If you get hurt and don’t have a first aid kit at hand, use your bandana as a bandage.


If somebody gets hurt, use your bandana as a sling to relieve the pressure.


Tie a few bandanas together to bind up small twigs and sticks for kindling and such. You’ll be able to carry far more.

Dust Mask

Pull it over your nose to protect yourself from dust and other small particles.

Water Filter

Your bandana won’t wipe out microscopic bugs, but it can be used for the first stage of getting big junk out of your water.

Trail Markers

If you’re heading out in to unfamiliar terrain, your bandana can be used to mark the trail so that you can find your way back. Just tear strips from the bandana and tie them to trees along the route.

What are we missing? Let us know below.

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