Survival Guide for the Homeless

 Survival Guide for the Homeless

Although many of us would never choose to be homeless, there are many reasons in todays world as to why or how it may happen. For those that don’t choose homelessness as a way of life, and believe me, there are many that do, it can be incredibly tough.

If you stop and talk to different homeless people, you will soon see that they come from all walks of life. During todays guide we are going to be looking at how to survive should you ever find yourself losing your home.

Survival Guide for the Homeless

You may sit there thinking, “Well, it’ll never happen to me”, and I am sure many homeless people today used to think that exact same thing. But, as preppers, you should know that you can’t predict what is going to happen tomorrow. What would you do if you awoke to find that you had lost everything that ever mattered to you?

If you lost your job, your home, your car, your money, all of your family and friends, everything that you had worked so hard to build up, what would you do? Let’s take a look at some tips that could better help you survive living on the streets.

Understand that it’s a Possibility

Each and every one of us could potentially become homeless one day. Even if it isn’t down to financial reasons, some disaster could still wipe out your home.

If you lost your job today, how long could you go on missing payments on your home before they finally come to evict you? If a disaster destroys your home, how long until the insurance company actually pay out?

Preparation is key and the best step in preparing, is understanding that homelessness can happen to you.

Understand the Need for Newspaper

Newspapers are in just about every dumpster around town and yet can be used for so many different things to the homeless. What’s so special? Some ideas include:

  • Bedding – it can be used on the ground to keep you off the cold concrete.
  • Fire – it’s paper and obviously burns.
  • Insulation – it can be used as a blanket for insulation or stuffed down into your jacket for extra warmth during the night.
  • Knowledge – just because somebody is homeless doesn’t mean that they don’t keep up with current news and all those free newspaper certainly help.

Time to Sleep

One of the hardest parts of being homeless, especially for those that have never experienced it before, is going to be sleeping on the streets. The nights are long, uncomfortable, sometimes scary, and leave you with a lot of time within your own mind.

If you don’t think others would wish you harm just because you’re homeless, think again. Watch the video below as James Edgar Lewis is shot several times in the head whilst he was asleep. This came just days after Brian Clegg was shot and killed as he slept in front of a business.

If you can’t get yourself into a shelter or other safe place for the night, try to find where other homeless people are already staying. I say this because, not only is there safety in numbers but you have less chance of being constantly bothered by the police.

You also want to be able to protect yourself from laying on the cold pavement. You can use a number of items that you may find laying around such as old newspapers or cardboard. Try and get hold of a sleeping bag that will help to keep you much warmer during the night.

Always Stay Hopeful

I mentioned earlier about having a lot of time within your own mind and this is not always a good thing. When you are at the bottom it can become easy to get depressed, desperate, and even angry. You may get thoughts of doing things that have never crossed your mind before.

You must keep in mind that if you want to get out of the situation, you can. It won’t be immediate but you should never lose that hope.

Anger doesn’t get you anywhere whether on the streets or not. If you pass a clearly angry homeless person, are you more likely to go and help those out, or those that are much friendlier and kind?

Dress Appropriately

When living on the streets and the clothes you wear, layering is your best option. By layering your clothes you can easily remove a layer if you get too hot and vice versa if you get chilly. Even in the winter, if you wear too much and you sweat, you could freeze.

Keep Yourself Clean

You can purchase sets of hygiene products at next to nothing so there is no reason as to why you can’t keep yourself clean while living on the streets. You may not have the chance of a daily shower but you can head to public toilets for clean running water.

Keeping clean will help you to blend in, boost your self-confidence, and keep a more positive outlook on life.

Learn to Repurpose

Anything from old clothing, or shoelaces can be made into a rope or bandages for first aid. If you have a hat, you can use it for collecting water. Use your creativity and imagination. Repurpose things to your advantage so you wouldn’t need more things to carry around while you’re on the street.

Keep Everything on You

The last thing that you want is for somebody to take what little you have just because you made the mistake of leaving it unattended. Have everything packed at all times and be ready to leave your spot at a moments notice.

Don’t Start Trouble

You must, at all costs, avoid conflict. It is not worth it and unless you have no choice but to protect yourself, it just isn’t needed. This is hard for some people as they feel weak if they back down from a fight but you have so much more to lose in your situation.

Free Food

Almost every town and city in the country have means of giving the homeless free food. If you have access to the Internet then it shouldn’t be hard to find out where to go and when to get a good meal. If not, ask other homeless people that are around.

Have any more tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below and we will get them added.

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