Essential Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids

 Essential Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids

Survival skills are so important to pass down to teach your kids. You never know when they’re going to use them, so below are our top picks for things your kids should know even when they are young.

1. How To Call 999 (911 if in US) 

This is probably the most important survival skills to learn. Teach your kids how to dial 999 (911), and most importantly, teach them when to do it so the police don’t show up to your house on accident!

2. How To Do The Heimlich Maneuver

You would be surprised what your young ones are capable of doing. As well as learning CPR and having a first aid kit is important for kids too.

3. How To Make Breakfast

Kids can learn how to scramble eggs at a very young age. If they learn this and feel confident, they can be in charge of cooking one night a week. Everyone loves breakfast for dinner.

4. How to Clean a Cut

If they get a bump or a bruise that is not too serious, teach them how to clean it properly and apply a bandaid. Teach them also when they should come to you for help, i.e. if they are bleeding a lot.

5. How to Read a Map

Reading a map is a dying art, but it can be really helpful if they find themselves in a remote area without a cell phone connection someday. Teach them how to read one on a road trip, and won’t forget it.

6. How To Get Home from Certain Locations

Hopefully your child will never get lost, but in case they do, teach them to look for another mom with kids and ask for help (or whomever you think could help them best.) They should also know your address and perhaps your work address by heart. They should be able to recite your cell phone number. Ask them from time to time to repeat it so that their memory stays sharp.

7. How To Buy Groceries

It’s amazing how many kids get to college and have no idea how to shop for groceries. Start small by asking your young kids to help you make a grocery list. Explain how to shop for different meals and how to stay within a good budget. Let them help put food in the basket and remind them they have to stick to the list that they helped create.

8. How To Handles Knives and Guns

So many accidents happen around household weapons. If you have sharp knives and guns in your home, educate your children. Tell them what is off limits. Remind them regularly. Make sure they know it’s not a toy. Show them how it works if you want to, but emphasize that they can’t ever touch a sharp knife or a gun unless one of their parents is with them.

9. How To Tell if Food Had Gone Bad

Teach your kids to read labels for expiration dates. It’s great practice for learning the calendar if they are young. They can also learn how fresh food is supposed to smell, so they know if what they are about to eat has gone bad.

10.  How To Know If Someone Is a Bad Person

Your child can learn that if someone makes them uncomfortable to tell you immediately. You can also let them know that no one should ever ask them to keep a secret from their parents or place their hands on them.

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