Survival Taboos: What Not to do if You Want to Live

 Survival Taboos: What Not to do if You Want to Live

It is normal to feel uncomfortable when thinking or talking about certain situations, but in order to plan for them we must discuss them. Situations like what to do if your favorite pet doesn’t survive or if there may not be enough food and water to go around. You have to prepare for the worst so that any situation is possible to get through.

Do not wait until the situation arises, plan today. It may be uncomfortable to talk about some of these situations, but is dedicated to making it as easy on you as possible. We have done the research for you on any situation your family may encounter. All you have to do is know the facts around stock up on emergency preparedness supplies today.

Survival Taboos: What Not to do if You Want to Live

A taboo is an act that is forbidden, unacceptable or unhealthy. With the huge amount of information available on survival it is very easy to stray into this territory. Books and television shows are full of information that is neither acceptable, nor healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the worst survival taboos that if followed, could get you killed.

Drinking Urine

A famous survivalist that you will have seen on television drank his own urine, but this does not mean that you should. Urine is full of concentrated waste products, and drinking it would steal more water from your body in order to reprocess that waste. There is a reason that urine leaves the body, and it shouldn’t be getting put back in.

Eating Snow

We often hear how if you are dehydrated in extreme conditions, you can turn to eating snow to combat it. This is never a good idea. What you should do is warm the snow first to melt it back to its fluid state before you consume it. Otherwise, you are just chilling your throat and stomach, and cooling your body core from the inside.

Duct Taping Your Windows Will Save You from Radiation Poisoning

Wow, who decided it was ever a good idea to get this one started? Duct tape is not, nor has ever been proven to be effective in the protection of your health from radiation poisoning. It might be one of the strongest tapes out there, but it is no match against radiation.

Try to Look for Help

This taboo costs people their lives. Heading away from your location to look for help in an emergency should never be taken lightly, and it definately shouldn’t happen early on in an emergency. Instead, you should stay put for a minimum of 72 hours, before you start planning for “self-evacuation.” Anybody out searching can’t get to you immediately so you need to give them a chance to find you before you start thinking about self-rescue. If you head away from the area, you are making it more difficult for rescuers.

72 Hours of Food and Water is All You Need

We are told to store 72 hours of food and water for emergencies yet have seen time and time again how this just isn’t enough. Sure, it is a good starting point but you should only use that as a minimum and then build up from there.

If you Have Insurance You’re Covered

Just because you have insurance, it doesn’t mean that your home will be covered for the disaster. Ask your insurance company if they have a continuity of operations plan. This is a plan to spell out how the company will keep their business up and running during a natural or man-made disaster. Don’t assume that you have flood insurance or enough insurance to cover what you have accumulated. Update your insurance information yearly so that it will reflect your possessions.

The Universal Edibility Test

This test was devised for the right reasons, but it doesn’t take into account the two worst elements in emergencies (human error and Murphy’s Law). This test has been offered to survival novices as a way to determine if a plant is safe to eat. Through a number of physical trials, you look for negative reactions before you finally ingest the mystery plant. My problem with this test is the fact that the wrong plant could be fatal, and not register a negative reaction before it comes to the eating portion of the test. My advice: If in doubt, DON’T EAT IT!

Don’t Worry, Help is Coming

Not necessarily as fast as you need. What if no one is coming to help you? The reality is that the emergency response teams cannot be everywhere at the same time so it is crucial that you plan to take care of yourself and your family for extended periods of time.

You Will Still be Able to Use Your Cell For Help

Depending on the disaster, you may not be able to rely on your cell phone for calling out for help. You must have other means of communications in place.

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