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10 Edible Plants You Can Eat in the Wild

While having a good stockpile of food is essential, so is knowing how to forage for wild edibles. There are actually many edible plants that could just save your life in a survival situation. Here we are going to be looking at 10 edible plants you can eat in the wild. Along with the list […]Read More

The Universal Edibility Test

The universal edibility test will help you to determine whether or not a plant in the wilderness is a safe food source or not. The method itself works but it is by no means a quick process. It is time consuming and may result in some adverse reactions to the plants that fail the test. […]Read More

Edible Plants: Cattails

With a little knowledge it becomes clear that there are plenty of plants that you come across in the wilderness that can help keep you alive in a survival situation. You must be careful as not all plants are edible and some can kill however, today we are going to be looking at the edible […]Read More