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How Fast Does a Home Fire Spread?

Nowadays you have around 3-5 minutes to escape a house fire compared to having around 15 minutes just 30 years ago. This decrease in time is down to various factors such as the materials used to make modern furniture and the open plan of newer homes. Pretty much everything in the home is now made […]Read More

Why You Need a Satellite Phone

You have a cell phone, but what about a satellite phone? When you use a cell phone your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal which then gets transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower. These towers then relay that to your friends phone and so on. You see, a cell phone […]Read More

11 Items for Your Dog’s First Aid Kit

While many of our readers already have an emergency disaster kit for themselves packed and ready to go, quite a few of them don’t yet have an emergency kit in place for their pets. This post is specifically aimed for those with dogs but if you have other pets too, you should be able to […]Read More

Emergency Planning and Your Family

It is important that any and all emergency plans that you have in place, the whole family understands and agrees to. These plans are what are going to keep you safe when the unexpected happens. In order to do this, you can’t just write up a plan and present it to your family expecting for […]Read More