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Reader Websites?

Looking back, I haven’t really written many posts that have been a direct question to you. Many bloggers may not see it of importance but I do. I want to connect and get to know my readers and I am going to start doing this through a series of very simple and straight-forward posts. So, […]Read More

Keeping Your Family Safe When Traveling

Wherever you lay your head at night, THAT is your home! It should also be the one place you can go back to and feel safe. You may think that hotel rooms are actually pretty safe but that isn’t quite true. We write a lot of content here based on situational awareness and it’s because […]Read More

Emergency Planning and Your Family

It is important that any and all emergency plans that you have in place, the whole family understands and agrees to. These plans are what are going to keep you safe when the unexpected happens. In order to do this, you can’t just write up a plan and present it to your family expecting for […]Read More